“Oh no, another blogger is on the loose”

Welcome to Daff Diaries, a blog about Beauty, Hair, Fashion and all things Daff.

10 things you must know before you read this blog:

  1. The name “Daff Diaries” is a homage to the book entitled “The Carrie Diaries” by Candace Bushnell (before CW turned it into a TV show).
  2. Everyone should own a curling iron. Period.
  3. I want Carrie Bradshaw’s closet.
  4. Nutella is the first thing to cross my mind when a problem arises…it really does solve everything and anything…for me at least…
  5. Sephora is like my second home.
  6. A Black dress, a string of pearls, Liquid liner and Chanel’s Paradis lipstick should be a staple in everyone’s life.
  7. You don’t have to always wear makeup. A fresh moisturized face is as good as having any ounce of makeup on.
  8. Pinterest is an addiction for me…along with being a regular shopaholic.
  9. I like to think I’m witty, funny and sarcastic…sometimes…okay most times..
  10. Bollywood and Disney have made me believe that prince charming will appear with a magic carpet and sing/profess his love for me.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do! x


3 thoughts on ““Oh no, another blogger is on the loose”

  1. I’m super excited to continue reading what Daff Diaries has to say about fashion, beauty and hair. For my first comment, I disagree with comment #7 only because having grown up in Texas, I was not aloud to leave the house with at least the bear minimum on, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. Now a days if I don’t at least have a tinted moisturizer on, people ask me if I’m coming down with something because I look a little pale. LOL!

    1. Thanks N! Appreciate! It is true that everyone’s make up routine manifesto is different from person to person. With that being said, I love that you were influenced by your grandma to dabble into makeup early on…it really makes a difference when you’re older and stick to it!

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