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Celebrity Style Look: SELENA GOMEZ


Recently, while looking through InStyle’s pinterest board (a must see for any fashionista!) I came across this picture of Selena Gomez and realized that something as simple as what she’s wearing is stylish. Selena has evolved from her Disney days into a fashion forward fashionista. This look is so simple that you can recreate it on any budget! (Before you go out and buy always go through your closet to find alternatives!)

Hair: So effortless and simple yet so chic! To re-create Selena’s look, tie a loose side braid (there are various youtube tutorials on this but here’s the link to my favourite one)

Face: Since her face is covered with oversized sunglasses, you can pretty much get away with anything. I suggest dabbing on some BB cream and then a lip stain the shade of your lip. If you want your lips to pop out, don’t be afraid to try a bold colour (red, coral, pink).

Sunglasses: Almost any store now is going to have sunnies within your budget, so make sure when you’re at your favourite accessories store, you check them out. Forever 21 has some very inexpensive yet chic ones that I like.  This  one is quite similar to Selena’s! If you want to invest in sunglasses (and have a bigger budget), I recommend checking out Ray Ban, Michael Kors, Gucci and Prada. Currently, I personally love MIU MIU and was lucky enough to get one as a gift from my Dad!

Bag: AHH! I love the satchel she is carrying. A black studded purse is the way to make a statement without even trying! Studded Purses are easy to find but here are two of my favourite ones! Here’s one from Express and one from Material Girl!

Shoes: Clearly, Selena was thinking comfort when choosing shoes. Black running shoes are perfect with this look (you can find them anywhere, so have fun finding your favourite ones…I love Puma’s). You can also wear black flats of your choice if running shoes are not your thing!

Top: A simple off white tee does wonders! Selena opted to tuck in her long T, into her pants. This shirt can be found anywhere from Old Navy to Banana Republic. It is up to you and your budget to decide! I own a similar shirt from Old Navy, which I purchased for about $7 (talk about a steal!).  Here’s one from The Gap.

Bottom: Olive coloured pants are the best way to add a bit of colour to your jeans/khakis! Old Navy, The Gap and GUESS have a few but they are without the buckles on the ankles’ like Selena’s. An alternative would be wearing jeans (denim or neutral coloured) with ankle zippers on them! Here’s one I own and love!

Remember, you can always change/alter this look to make it your own! 

Have fun recreating this look dolls! x (perhaps while listening to this)


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