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Style Diaries: Winter Accessories

With the Snowpocalypse hitting Toronto, I decided to do a post just focusing on cute, affordable and chic winter accessories. Accessories make the outfit. You can dress up an everyday winter coat with a fluffy bright coloured scarf, quilted leather gloves or a cute headband. It comes down to what your comfort level is and what you want your focal point to be. I know that when I’m looking for winter accessories, I’m always keeping in mind that whatever I invest in, it better keep me warm along with looking cute!

Forever 21 has to be my favourite place for anything I need for just one season. It’s inexpensive and the quality is pretty good. However, with winter accessories…you should have some investment pieces that will last you through a few winters, so keep that in mind as well! The best time to buy/invest in winter accessories is right now (February). Yes, it is clearly end of winter but you can get some amazing deals on accessories, which can be used for next winter!

Remember to go in with this mind set “Am I going to wear this often? Do I like it?”; you are buying for you, never forget that!

Here are my 8 winter essentials that are also personal favs!

  1. Beanies, Beanies, Beanies: You have to remember to keep your head and ears covered during the winter time and what better way to do this with? Beanies practically come in any colour, style, and fabric these days. So don’t forget to have fun with the looks. This is such an adorable beanie for beginners trying to incorporate prints into their look. It’s very neutral with a slight “pop” of flowers and at $10.80, it makes your wallet and your head very happy!
  2. Cute convertible Mittens: I love mittens, they can be worn in the Fall and even early spring (before the temperature rises). Mittens are so versatile, that they instantly make a boring outfit classy! These are SO chic that I own 2 pairs. At $12.80, you are getting the most adorable mittens ever. It’s got faux pearls and a bow…like can you ever go wrong with that? Being a neutral colour, these will pretty much go with anything!
  3. Headbands that cover your ears: How Blair Waldorf is this? Headbands have always been my go to staple during the winter time. I’m not a HUGE hat fan, but it’s very important to cover your ears during the bitter cold winters. This is one of my favourite. Not only are they cheap ($7.80), but they keep your ears nice and also doesn’t hurt that it’s knitted and fuzzy.
  4. Infinity Scarf:  Infinity scarves are perfect for a cold day because you don’t have to deal with wondering what to do with the ends of the scarf. This one in Bordeaux has to be my all time favourite! These keep you warm and if you’re going to be walking these are perfect! They are currently on sale for roughly $17!
  5. Cable knit Scarf: Cable Knit scarves have been around forever. This is a classic accessory that every owns (at least should own if you live in winter climate areas). This Cable Knit Scarf by Calvin Klein is a beautiful addition to any look. At $29 (on sale right now..reg $58), this luxe brand offers the coziest and warmest scarf I have ever come across.
  6. Leather Gloves: This is a must have for the winter season. These are by Lord and Taylor and are a hefty $50. If you live in Canada, be sure to take advantage of Bay Days offered by the Hudson’s Bay Company. I got mine for $32! I LOVE THESE…I cannot even explain how much my life would be incomplete without this. They keep my fingers/hands warm, they look stylish and they have a cashmere inner lining!
  7. Pom Pom Beenies: They are adorable. Period. This one from Top Shop is so comfy that you forget you are wearing a hat. The fact that it has a faux fur pom pom at the top just adds to its cuteness. At $26, you really are getting your money’s worth. They are currently sold out online….but you should be able to get them in store in different colours!
  8. Luxury Love: Tory Burch BeanieI had to include this luxurious brand in here because you cannot go wrong with Tory Burch. If you have a big budget, I suggest getting these. They are so stylish, luxe and keep you warm!

Happy Winter Accessories Shopping Dolls! x


2 thoughts on “Style Diaries: Winter Accessories”

  1. Wow! I will go for Tory Burch Beanie……….. it’s expensive though! Don’t you think it’s a little pricy for the Beanie!!!!!!!!!

    1. It is pricy, but quite an investment. If taken care properly, it will last you through numerous winter seasons! Plus, if you live in a winter climate will get more use of your beanie, thus getting your money’s worth. But of course, it is a luxury investment…so if you have the budget.. I say go for it!

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