Hair Diaries: The Braided Bun


This is the ultimate versatile hairstyle. You can wear it with casual looks. You can wear it with dressed up looks. You can wear it at the top of your head or off to the side. It’s a beautiful way to add flare to your hair!

The Braided Bun

  1. Apply Volumizing Dry Shampoo to hair (this one is my fav!)
  2. Leave two front pieces out and gather the rest of your hair (if you have bangs, you are in luck…you can leave out the pieces that don’t reach; If you don’t, then try to figure out how much hair you want out in the front for a more boho look)
  3. Brush hair and gather to tie a slick high ponytail; to get a slick ponytail, dab on an anti frizz serum/cream (Pea size amount, rub in both hands and smooth out the frizz while tying the pony; here’s what I used): try to also get a hair tie that matches your hair colour!
  4. Make a normal braid; tie the end with another hairtie.
  5. Start coiling hair at the base of the pony (where you put your first hair tie), and use bobby pins to pin it as you coil.
  6. Tuck in the end under the coil and secure with 2 bobby pins in a ‘X’ figure.
  7. Spray with hair spray to make sure it doesn’t fall out (I used this one).
  8. Take the wispy pieces you left at the front/bangs and use a teasing brush to tease lightly; take a curling iron, at its lowest setting, curl the pieces away from your face!
  9. Spray lightly with hair spray to set the look!

Remember: you can make this hair look simpler by practicing. I got this looks after trying to figure out how to make a normal bun fun! Once you get the hang of it, you can braid in a ribbon, use an embellished bobby pin to secure, etc!

Happy Hair Styling Dolls! x


7 thoughts on “Hair Diaries: The Braided Bun

    1. you know what, try it as a side bun (by tying a low side pony tail and following the braiding steps!) I’m sure it’ll look great! you can always try it as a half up half down style (with the part you have half up…make it a braided bun…looks pretty cool!)

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