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Yes, I have another Celebrity Style look (perhaps this will become a weekly thing?)…I was looking through People’s website and I came across this look that supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio was rocking! This Victoria’s Secret Angel is wearing a casual look that anyone can practically wear. With spring around the corner and the winter blues clearing up, this look can be recreated with simple staple pieces in your wardrobe at any budget! (Before you go out and buy always go through your closet to find alternatives!)

Hair: Well looks like Alessandra just put her hair up in a messy pony tail…if you’re feeling creative, why not try a braided ponytail? Or maybe the braided bun? 😉

Makeup: Alessandra kept it simple. A bit of tinted moisturizer with SPF and a tinted lip balm is the way to go for this look. If you’re feeling edgy, I’d say go with a pink lip!

Top: I LOVE this sweatshirt pullover.  It’s so simple, fashionable and they seem to be all the rage now. In fact these simple pullovers now come in an array of assortments. You can get everything from a simple one like Alessandra’s to embellished ones. I personally love embellished ones because they add a bit of flare to a simple outfit. Express has two that I’m loving and are similar to Alessandra’s. There’s this one, which is a sequined tiger on a cropped pullover (best way to wear a cropped pull over? High waisted jeans or pencil skirt. If you want you can layer it with a tank/cami!). This one is another one from Express. Here’s another cute one from H &M, I love!

Bottom: Coloured Skinnies are not as hard to pull off as people think. I love the colour Alessandra has gone with here. The “wine” coloured trend seems to be the most popular thing courtesy of Lorde and Beyonce (hello grammy’s).  Here’s one that’s pretty similar to Alessandra’s from Old navy.

Shoes: Seriously, I’m a believer in comfort. Especially, if you have a long day of errands to run. Perhaps that’s what Ms. Ambrosio was thinking. Sneakers will never go out of style. This look can be paired with any sneakers of your choice! Here’s a similar one from Aldo. (if you’re feeling the need to vamp up the look…try a wedged sneaker).

Bag: Gosh, I’m a sucker for crossbody purses. Everything is so much easier with them…in fact I’m so obsessed with this style of purse that every time I’m out looking for a new purse, I try to make sure it’s a crossbody! Alessandra’s is simple yet the chain detailing on the strap adds a rockier feel to them. Here’s a similar one from Steve Madden. If you’re looking to jazz up the look, try a quilted crossbody. Here’s another one from Steve Madden, again.

Remember, you can always change/alter this look to make it your own!

Have fun recreating this look dolls! x


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