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Style Diaries: The Bangle

With Spring around the corner, it seems appropriate that I talk about this arm candy trend. The Bangle, or stacks of bangles, have been around for many years. It comes in an abundance of varieties (thin, thick, chunky, blingy, stringy, etc.).  They can be found at different price points and practically at every store that sells jewelry. You can wear multiple of them in stacks or a single bangle, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. If you want it to be your focal point of your outfit, then it is best to stack bangles together (you can also pair a watch with them!). It really won’t matter on size as long as they all go together. If you want it to be a casual look that just enhances whatever your focul point may be…then go with a single bangle that matches with the accent colour of your outfit. I’ve shared 7 of my favourite places where I love to get my bangles from.

  1. If you’re looking for cheap and short-term investment: Go to any South Asian/Indian jewelry/clothing store. You will find a dozen thin bangles for $5-12 (make sure they’re made of stainless steel). And depending on your bargaining skills, you might score bangles for roughly $7 (I speak from experience!).
  2. Kate Spade: My love affair with this brand is never ending. I can virtually buy anything from this store and be in love with it forever. Kate Spade is known for her chic bangles that have the cutest idioms etched on the inside, while it looks super polished on the outside. I love the bangles in blush, mint, “mod floral” and “finishing touch”. They are a bit pricy, but an investment due to its quality.
  3. Marc by Marc Jacobs: I love the Marc Jacobs style and most of his creations end up on my wish list. It’s fun, edgy, girly, and glam all at the same time. Although, Marc Jacobs is known for his luxurious purses and clothing,…he does design a jewelry line that’s to die for. It is quite expensive, but totally worth the money. They’re so fashion forward and fun that it kind of brings your inner punk rock goddess out. My favourite ones are the logo bracelets (they come in skinny, classic, and bold) and the “acrobat bracelet”.
  4. Tory Burch: This is one of my favourite brands that’s starting to gain a huge following. Tory Burch’s jewelry line offers the most classic and dainty looking pieces that will make you feel like a princess. It is also expensive so it’s best to treat them as investment pieces. The Classic “T” sign is really dominant in pretty much everything she designs. I really love the pierced T bangle and the rosella multi T bangle.
  5. Forever 21: Seriously, is my blog not proof enough of my love for forever 21? Forever 21 has everything and anything I need. The best part is that you won’t be spending a huge amount of money on pieces that look fantastic. They have preppy and adorable bangles that will go with everything! Their floral lace bangle set and polished bangle set are my absolute favourites and must haves.
  6. Aldo Accessories: Aldo’s look is very stylish, posh, classy and glimmery. It isn’t super cheap but it isn’t expensive. I find that I will almost most times spend nothing more than $25 (CDN) at this store at one go thus why I find myself there more than I should be! My favourite bangles from their store are Cottrells and Gwirien. These aren’t your typical bangles. I love this look because this one bangle gives you the illusion of numerous skinny bangles on your arm!
  7. GUESS: Their jewelry line is very sultry, blingy and glam. Their bangles are particularly to die for because of the unique embellishments on them. The price varies but if you look out for deals/sales then you can seriously score a lot of goodies for a lesser amount. I love the “love” shaped bangle, the Pave bangle, and the “hermatite tone pave” bangle. The “love” bangle in particular has been the most raved about. You can stack most of these with a watch or with one another and it will look amazing no matter what you are wearing it with.

Remember, you can always find cheaper alternative stores. It’s all about looking for the right one that fits your budget. It’s always good to have one or two investment pieces that will go together with the not-so-expensive bunches. I mix and match all the time!

Happy Bangle Shopping Dolls! x


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