Review: Dove Style+Care Frizz-Proof Cream-Serum


I’m a huge hair product junkie, so trying new and different things to help improve my hair’s condition is a big deal. Having super long hair is hard, especially in the winter time and I’m always trying to find a cream based product that will not only tame frizz and flyaways but also keep my hair soft and smooth. I don’t like gel based serums because they tend to make my hair sticky and hard. When I came across this product I was unsure of what it could do for my long, colour treated hair. It claims to tame flyaways, be frizz proof and boost shine without weighing hair down. I’ve been using this product for about 2.5 months and I like it. The product is doing what it says without weighing your hair down. I love that it makes my hair feel shiny, soft and smell fantastic. It almost feels like a leave in conditioner without really being one (if that makes sense). You can find this product at any drugstore for less than $11 (CDN).

Happy Shopping Dolls! x


  • Keeps hair shiny; frizz proof and tames flyaways
  • Easy to use; perfect for the winter months!
  • lasts till next hair wash
  • Cream based (Gel always tends to make my hair crunchy but this one didn’t do it at all)
  • Leaves hair feeling soft and the product virtually disappears into hair!


  • The smell can be an issue; although, I don’t mind it…I would like it better if it were unscented
  • Small bottle (wish they made it bigger, but you will find yourself repurchasing this as soon as you’re done)

Rating: 8.5/10 (It’s not a horrible product and I really believe that this product can work for a lot of people. I was impressed that a cream based serum can be frizz proof)


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