Review: The Beauty Blender

I love trying out new beauty tools! When I first heard about this sponge, I was totally undermining its abilities. To me, it was just another sponge that was overpriced. I will admit…I was completely wrong. Seriously, this is the best beauty tool invention ever (no wonder it’s won so many beauty awards). With every use, my love increases for this product and the more I know I cannot live without it. At $19.95 (CDN), it is worth every penny. It blends perfectly, leaves no streaks, and makes my foundation routine flawless. I’ve used it with liquid foundation, cream concealers, powder foundations and cream blushes. Let me tell you it did the job amazingly! My complexion after using this tool was flawless and makes it look like my skin is just naturally flawless (bonus!). There are numerous cheaper dupes out there (which I haven’t personally tried) but this is the original beauty blender. This is almost magical in the way it works. You can buy this at Sephora. It comes in Pink, Black and White…of course I bought the pink one!

Happy Shopping Dolls! x

How to use: Take the sponge and run it under lukewarm water; squeeze excess water out so that the sponge is damp (it will double in size); Take/Dab in whatever makeup you will be using; Apply in a bouncy/stippling motion on to face for flawless and blended looks.


  • Blends well (seriously magical!)
  • Leaves face with a flawless foundation application
  • can be used with various/different makeup formulations
  • Use it to apply blush, concealer, foundation
  • It doubles in size when damp


  • Price

Rating: 9.5/10 (I love love love love love this beauty tool. I deducted half a point for the price but I know for sure I will repurchase this again because it has done wonders for my makeup application routine!)





8 thoughts on “Review: The Beauty Blender

  1. I love this sponge. I hardly ever use my brushes except when I’m contouring and highlighting now. I bought a cheaper dupe from Ulta and it just wasn’t as soft. I really want a purple one and black one even though I don’t necessarily need it.

    1. oh wow! there’s a purple one too? I hadn’t seen anything other than the black and pink in Toronto 😦 Also I wish there was an Ulta here. But good to know that there are some dupes that aren’t the same as the beauty blender! 🙂

    1. It really is! I was seriously not too thrilled with the price..but it really does what it claims to do! Although, I haven’t tried some of the dupes out there (I’ve heard sonia kashuk’s version at target is the closest to the beauty blender) I’m sure there are cheaper versions somewhere!

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