Style Diaries: Coral

Spring is almost here and that means one thing: Bright, fun and bold colours all over your style palette! My favourite colour to rock during the spring time is coral. There are many shades of corals that you can work into your spring wardrobe. My favourites are coral pinks and coral reds. Although, this colour might be a little daring, you can still work it into your wardrobe based on your comfort level with brights. If you want coral to be your accent colour, then you can wear accessories that are coral (such as a purse, jewelry, shoes and belts). If you want coral to be your focal point, then you can either wear a top paired with jeans or neutral bottoms or vice versa. If coral has no room in your outfit or wardrobe…why not try makeup that features a coral blush, coral lips or coral eye shadows? Below you will find a few of my favourite ways to incorporate coral into your style palette.

Happy shopping dolls! x

Tops: I love incorporating coral coloured tanks into my wardrobe during spring. If you don’t want to wear a tank by itself (which sometimes is the case for me), then you can definitely layer it with neutral coloured jackets and cardigans. They can also be worn with jeans, neutral coloured pants, leggings, jeggings, skirts and shorts. This sleeveless peplum top from Express is my favourite! I also like a collared sheer shirt (this one from Express). If you want something fun and casual then you can go with a t-shirt. This one from urban outfitters is adorably chic and a very subtle way to wear coral!

Dresses: Coral coloured dresses are so chic and perfect for the spring/summer time. Dresses are the easiest and comfiest to wear, especially when the weather is getting warmer. Also, it doesn’t hurt that it instantly makes you look more polished and put together. Coral dresses can be dressed up or dressed down (based on how you accessorize and what shoes you pair). I love this lace dress from Forever 21. This one from Urban Outfitters is really cute because of it’s dainty details!

Bottoms: I find coral bottoms a little tougher to pull off, even though it looks so gorgeous. I think the best way to wear it is to be able to perfectly pair certain colours and tops with this colour. If you want your bottom to be the focal point, then any top you wear has to be subtle. I like to pair white, cream, and black tops with coral coloured bottoms. This skirt from Express is absolutely gorgeous. Throw on a white slouchy shirt or a cream coloured tank and you will get an instant outfit! You can also wear coral coloured boyfriend shorts or khakis which can be found at The Gap.

Accessories: Coral accessories are the best and the safest way to pull the bold colour off. You can wear coral jewelry (you can find this one and this one at Forever 21). You can have coral purses (you can find this one from Material Girl and this one from forever 21). You can also wear a coral scarf or a coral headband. The possibilities are endless with accessories because you can practically pair them with anything!

Shoes: Coral coloured shoes are my absolute must haves in the spring time! They are the perfect way to add a pop of colour to any look. I especially love wearing them with black skirts and skinny jeans/jeggings. In fact, you will most likely catch me wearing coral coloured flats in the spring time all the time! This flat from Nine West is cute. You can also wear pumps that are coral (These ones courtesy of Material Girl are so adorbs!). Another favourite is peep-toe low heels in coral. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one from Nine West!

Makeup: I seriously cannot live without a coral lipstick. Both Urban Decay (in streak) and Too Faced Cosmetics (in Coral Fire) are my absolute must haves! If coral coloured lipstick is a bit too daring, then why not try a coral blush? Coralista by Benefit Cosmetics is another one of my favourites. Another way to incorporate coral in your look is having a matching mani/pedi. I love Formula X for Sephora’s corals (in Power Source and Here Comes the Sun).

3 thoughts on “Style Diaries: Coral

  1. Would you please talk about Nars lipstick and Chanel ! These are my favorites. Still I love YSL/ MAC/DIOR 🙂

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