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Review: Clinique Take The Day off Cleansing Balm

I’m always hunting for the best makeup remover. I’ve tried many different variations, formulations and brands but this has to be my favourite one ever! Clinique’s Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm is one of the best in its field. It’s a cleansing balm, which means that you take your fingers, a tissue paper or a cotton round to apply the balm on your face to dissolve and remove makeup. I prefer to use a cotton round because I like to witness the makeup being removed. Once you’ve used the balm and wiped all the makeup off your face; you will have to wash your whole face with lukewarm water to remove any left over residue and/or makeup. Then you can follow through with your skin care routine (which is what I do). I love this balm because of its lightweight texture and feel. It dissolves and removes every type of makeup and sunscreen. It is also completely safe to use around your eyes and lips because of its gentle formula. It does a fantastic job in removing every little bit of waterproof makeup as well. This is also fragrance free and it doesn’t irritate my skin or cause any breakouts. At $35 (CDN), this is a magic potion for your face. Even though it’s expensive, you are seriously getting your money’s worth and this formulation does a better job than its cheaper alternatives. Also with Clinique, I’ve never has to worry about irritation and break outs so this is perfect for me. You can buy this on their website, at any Clinique counter and Sephora.

Happy Shopping Dolls! x


  • Takes off all make up including waterproof makeup (mascaras, lip stains, sunscreen, etc.)
  • Non greasy, doesn’t leave a residue on your face; doesn’t irritate skin
  • safe for use around the eye and removal of eye makeup
  • Very simple to use; big tub; clear balm


  • Price

Rating: 10/10 (This has to be the best makeup removing balm I have ever tried, I highly recommend it and will definitely repurchase this again. This product has left my face makeup free and squeaky clean without irritating my skin or breaking me out!)

IMG_0498 IMG_0503


6 thoughts on “Review: Clinique Take The Day off Cleansing Balm”

    1. I think so! I have pretty sensitive skin and I haven’t had any sort of issue with this! But I do think that’s because right after I use this to remove makeup and such I follow through with my skin care routine. I think if I didn’t do that, I might be prone to some irritation but other than that I have never experienced anything bad with this product! 🙂

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