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Style Diaries: Statement Necklaces


Statement necklaces are trending right now. This is one of my favourite trends to rock because it’s so effortless chic. All you have to do is pick a statement necklace that best suits your outfit and your personality. They will instantly dress up your look no matter what. I tend to pair these necklaces with plain tops, whether it be a T-shirt or a plain blouse. I also love layering it on top of a collared shirt! In the picture above, you will see my favourite statement necklaces that I own. They all vary in style, look, brand and price (in fact all of the above necklaces are below $20 and were purchased from Forever 21, Suzy Shier, Aldo Accessories, and Ardene). Generally, whenever I shop for jewelry…I try to find the best deals…and most of the time I do. It doesn’t matter what store or brand you buy, the only thing that should matter is that you love it.

Here are my top 10 favourite statement necklaces you will find this season:

  1. Elegant faux stone dangle bib necklace: $18.80 at Forever 21. (Love this because of its versatility…this will enhance any outfit!)
  2. Heirloom medallion necklace$12.80 at Forever 21. (Perfect for the spring time due to the antique gold and mint pairing.)
  3. Five station necklace$75 at House of Harlow 1960. (Fabulous way to incorporate the tribal look in any outfit.
  4. Etillan necklace$20 at Aldo Accessories. (Adore the colour combination…so pretty!) 
  5. Silver and gold tone multi row chain necklace$28 at GUESS. (Love the edginess of this necklace, the mixed metals give it a rocker feel!) 
  6. Floral pastel statement necklace$175 at J.Crew. (Although pricey, this is seriously one gorgeous statement necklace!)
  7. Pretty little liars Hanna cluster short strand necklace: $19.50 (but currently on sale for $5.85!!) at Aeropostale. (If you are a PLL addict like me, this is a must have!) 
  8. Short necklace with stones: $12.95 at H &M. (I love this necklace, it’s very similar to the emerald one I own in the above picture)   
  9. Short necklace of joined metal chains: $14.95 at H &M. (Love this necklace for its biker chic look!)
  10. Flower Necklace: $49.90 at Zara. (This is what you call a statement necklace. It’s elegant and stylish!)  

Happy Necklace Shopping Dolls! x


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