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Review: Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine

Since I’m clearly a sucker for lip balms, I’m back with another review on another lip balm! The Korres lip butter in Jasmine had been on my list to buy for ages. This Greek brand uses all natural oils in this lip butter (not to mention that they have a very popular skin care line). The Korres lip butters have a buttery smooth formula which literally melts onto your lips. It’s got a vanilla-ish scent (although to me it smells like roasted marshmallows). They’re supposed to be tinted and moisturizing for the lips. The shade jasmine looks like a pinky lavendery colour in the tub but super sheer when swatched (actually it’s clear on me). After using this for a while, I can’t say that I’ve fallen in love with it like my other lip balms. BUT, this is a good lip butter. At $12(CDN), it does exactly what it says and is a pretty decent product. The staying power isn’t too great, which was a downside for me and that played a huge role in me loving this. The finish is shiny like a normal lip balm and more importantly it really drenches your lips with moisture. In comparison to the Rosebud Salve, this isn’t a holy grail item but it’s good. You can purchase this online, at Sephora and anywhere they sell Korres products. If you want to try a new product from the Korres line and are a lip balm junkie like me, then definitely grab a tub!

Happy Shopping Dolls! x


  • Shiny finish
  • moisturizes lips (has Shea butter and Rice wax)
  • perfect for chapped/dry lips
  • leaves lips soft
  • Natural product


  • Scent (this will vary from person to person)
  • Super Sheer/clearย (it was really clear on my lips and didn’t tint them with any colour at all!)
  • Didn’t last long on my lips

Rating: 7.5/10 (This product was decent and does mostly what it claims to do. I deducted marks for the fact that I wasn’t using this product as much as I wanted to and it wasn’t a holy grail item for me)




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