Style Diaries: Rings, Rings, Rings!


Oh my goodness, I absolutely love rings. I don’t think I have ever left the house without at least one or two rings on. They’re my weakness and often whenever I come across a store, a booth, or vendor selling rings, I end up picking up at least one. As you can see, I have raked up quite a collection over the years. The price range for the rings I own are from $1-$500 (only maybe 4 are above the price of $50, but majority are below that range). My love affair for rings started when I was in high school. It was an easy way to incorporate jewelry into my outfit without really worrying. Plus, it was a great way to showcase my personality. Clearly, I have invested a lot more on statement rings because of their versatility. I love little rings for everyday wear too.


My current obsessions (in the purple ring holder above) are my Michael Kors buckle ring in rose gold, Suzy Shier’s heart and infinity rings (which were less than $2). I love to mix and match different style of rings to showcase my mood for the day or my personality. Mixing metals and designs are also a favourite. There are many designs and styles to choose from: midi, statement, simple, extravagant, multiple rings and much more. When picking out rings to wear, make sure you buy them according to your personal style. Here are my favourite ways to rock a ring:

  1. The Stacked Ring(s): This has to be one of my favourite way to wear rings. This trend allows you to mix and match different styles and metals, which is perfect! This one from Forever 21 is pretty!
  2. The Lace Patterned Statement Ring: This dainty and delicate way of wearing a ring is starting to grow on me. This super girly trend is the perfect way to dress up an outfit without overdoing it. This one from H&M is pretty!
  3. The Bow Ring: Can you tell this is my favourite? Bow Rings are just plain ol’ adorable! This trinket style ring is perfect for everyday wear and seriously adds some cuteness to your outfit! This one from Kate Spade New York is so cute!
  4. The Stone Ring: What girl doesn’t love a big stone on a ring (;))? This is the perfect way to wear a statement ring due to its boldness. You can get them in any colour now, which is awesome! This one from Charlotte Russe is my favourite!
  5. The Wrap Ring: I love this style of ring because of its delicateness. It looks absolutely stunning on your fingers and is not your typical looking ring. It’s very stylish and chic. This one from Claire’s is pretty!
  6. The Midi/Arrow Ring: This is a staple. This is the one type of ring that has been everywhere! I love that it’s very feminine and dainty, which is perfect for everyday wear. This one from Urban Outfitters is cute!

Happy Ring Shopping Dolls! x


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