Hair Diaries: The Classic Ponytail


The classic ponytail has been around for ages. This simple yet chic hairstyle is the perfect way to style your hair without trying hard at all. It’s effortless. It’s easy to wear and easy to create. It’s also the easiest hairstyle to experiment with (by adding braids, embellishments, headbands, etc.). Celebrities and Princesses have been rocking this sleek yet pretty hairstyle. This is my version of the classic ponytail. It’s a little different but this has always been my go-to hairstyle whenever I am lost about what to do with my hair.

The Classic Ponytail:

  1. Flip head upside down and spray hair with volumizing dry shampoo of your choice (I used the Tresemme dry shampoo).
  2. Brush your hair and apply a texturizer to add volume to your roots to make it appear as if you have thicker hair (I used Living Proof’s amp 2 texturizer).
  3. Brush your hair and gather into a normal ponytail; secure with a hair tie (I used a pink hair tie to match with my outfit of that day).
  4. Spray the ponytail with a heat protectant (I’ve used the Tresemme heat protectant, which is a personal favourite) and brush it through.
  5. Take a 1.5″ curling iron and take 1″ sections of the hair in your ponytail and wrap around the curling iron to create big curls; this size of curl adds a subtle curl and volumizes the ponytail.
  6. Once all the pieces are curled, spray with hairspray (I used the Elnett Hairspray, which is another personal favourite); let the curls cool (I usually do a quick clean up of things around my makeup desk while I wait…or you can jam to this song, which is what I do most of the time!).
  7. Once the curls have cooled, take a brush with nylon bristles (I usually use my round brush for this part) and brush the curls out; this will add volume while leaving the ends of your hair curled.
  8. Take a teasing brush (I love Goody’s) and tease near where you secured your ponytail with the hair tie; this creates an allusion of fluffy hair and adds intense volume.
  9. Spritz on hairspray on your whole head to set the look!
  10. If the ponytail isn’t super secure, add another clear hair tie to add extra security!


Remember: There are many ways to wear a ponytail. Don’t be afraid to experiment because what works for me might not always work for you, but this is the easiest hairstyle to pull off while looking effortless chic! 

Happy Hair Styling Dolls! x

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