Review: M.A.C. Eye Kohl in Teddy

This has to be one of my favourite eye liners by M.A.C. ever. I find myself always reaching for this eye liner whenever I am in doubt about what eye makeup look to rock. MAC’s eye kohl in Teddy has to be one of the most loved eye liners out there. This adorably named liner is described as an intense bronze. It’s also got a little bit of glimmer to it, which is perfect to line your lower lash line (usually how I wear this). The colour payoff is fantastic. It’s dark, bold, bronzey and there’s a hint of gold glimmer without being shimmery. This is one of MAC’s best sellers and I’m not surprised at all. This eye kohl’s formula is soft so that you can blend and smudge with ease. This can be used in multiple ways: you can use it to define your eyes like a normal eye liner, you can smudge the liner to create a basic/quick smokey eye, or you can use it as a base for other eye shadows (which works fantastically!). The texture of the eye liner is silky-smooth, which is perfect for a kohl liner. It’s a pearl finish so you don’t really get glitter but rather a shine, which is not overdone. I love this because the colour makes my brown eyes look lighter (if that’s even possible?). The sultry colour is perfect for my brown eyes and perfect to create a basic smokey eye! This didn’t irritate my eyes at all (which is why I love MAC products). At $16 (USD), this is a great eye liner that every one should own! There was no fall out and it just looked beautiful on my eyelids! To this day, I still haven’t loved an eye liner as much as I love this one. This versatile liner goes almost everywhere with me. Buy it because it’s sultry, it’s gorgeous and is probably one of the best brown liners out there! This eye liner can be used during the day and night (you really can’t go wrong with that!). You can purchase this at any MAC counters, online or any MAC stores!

Happy Shopping Dolls! x


  • Pearl finish, creamy not drying
  • Blends well
  • Colour Pay off is fantastic
  • Size of the liner is great for the price
  • Gorgeous sultry colour, not shimmery
  • No fall out, smudges well and stays put (make sure to use a primer though)
  • Can be used for day looks and night looks
  • Versatile (liner, smokey eyes, base, etc)


  • None

Rating: 10/10 (If I was stranded on an island, I would want this eye liner with me because it’s versatile, gorgeous and I really don’t think I can live without it!)





7 thoughts on “Review: M.A.C. Eye Kohl in Teddy”

    1. This is a def must have!! I don’t think I’ve used any other brown liner as much as I’ve used this one! Thank you for reading the post! 🙂 super appreciate!

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