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Hair Diaries: No-Heat Boho Waves


I love this fuss free and easy hairstyle. This has been my go to look ever since I was a teenager because you can achieve it without any sort of major effort…and who doesn’t love an effortless hairstyle that looks amazing? These boho inspired waves require no heat at all! Although, there are variations to how you can achieve this look, here’s my guide to getting no heat boho inspired waves!

(Step 3 is totally optional and this look can be achieved without those particular steps…but I added them because I just love having an extra boost of volume at my roots!)

  1. On damp hair, apply a hair primer (here’s my favourite one!).
  2. Flip your head upside down and apply a volumizing anti-frizz root spray to the roots (This is the one I love to use!). Use your fingers to apply thoroughly to your hair.
  3. With your head flipped over, take your hair dryer on the lowest heat setting and point the nozzle towards the roots (this will add immense volume and won’t let your waves fall flat); If you are skipping the heat here, air dry your hair until there’s maybe 20% water left within your hair (so your hair shouldn’t be completely dry!).
  4. Section your hair into 2 sides (Sectioning off should depend on how loose, tight or much waves you want; I have super long hair so two braids are usually enough; so you have to use your own judgement here).
  5. Braid the sections normally and then secure with an elastic band (make sure it’s super secure because you don’t want the braid to fall apart while you sleep).
  6. The longer you leave the braid on, the tighter and wavier the waves will be. I like to do this before I sleep, so that my braids can set while I sleep and I don’t really have to find a way to kill time!
  7. The next day, unravel your braid and work your fingers to separate the waves. If you want, then you can add some anti frizz serum just to define the waves more or you can add wave enhancing sprays (your call, I do this sometimes but most times I don’t because it makes it even more natural and effortless).
  8. Flip your head upside down, spritz hairspray of your choice lightly.
  9. Take a teasing brush and tease around the crown for extra boost of volume (I’m a volume freak so I love adding volume to the top of my head).
  10. Spritz with hairspray of your choice lightly all over to set!

Remember: This is my version of the no heat waves, there are loads of variations to the method. Do what best works for you! Steps 1-3 is totally optional and you can just jump straight to step 4, if you want waves without any product. Once you get the hang of this, you can add hair bands, clips and embellishments to enhance this look!

Happy Hair Styling Dolls! x



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