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Review: Josie Maran’s 100% Argan Oil

When I got this oil as a part of the 500-point perk at Sephora, I was very unsure as to how or what to do with this oil because beauty oils were something I had never really ventured into. After a lot of research, I found out that this Argan Oil (made in Morocco) is a multi-tasking oil that can be used on your skin, hair, nails, and basically any part of your body as a moisturizer. As per its description, this is a 100% pure Argan Oil that has vitamin E and essential fatty acids that help build your skin’s elasticity and moisturize at the same time. This oil hydrates and nourishes the skin while treating its imperfections (supposedly helps with acne and has anti aging benefits). This can be used not only as a skin treatment but can be used to treat split ends, add moisture to your hair, soften cuticle, and hydrate any rough patches of your body. According to its makers, this is gentle enough to use on all skin types and will give your skin a glow by absorbing into your skin while healing any imperfections. If you check out their website you will see that there are various clinical trial results that prove these claims. But did this pass my test?

My experience with this product has been interesting to say the least. I tried it on 3 different parts of my body: The hair, my nail bed/cuticle, and my face. The outcome for all 3 were quite different. Firstly, this oil worked the best for my hair. It literally did wonders for my hair. My hair was drastically softer, my split ends reduced and there was a very nice sheen to my hair. There were two ways I used this oil in my hair: As a split end remedy and as a pre-detoxifying oil treatment. As a split-end remedy, this was amazing. My split ends didn’t completely disappear but it did reduce significantly. I applied this to my split ends before I blow-dried my hair and my ends were soft! As a pre-detoxifying/conditioning treatment, this was AMAZING. I applied this oil all over my hair, from root to tip, the night before I used a detoxifying shampoo/deep conditioning treatment. This was amazing because my hair’s texture/condition significantly improved after the first use and the more I used it the better my hair felt (I use this treatment method about 8-10 days). My hair was soft, silky, shiny and smooth. As a cuticle conditioner, this is a good oil. It did take a while for it to work, but when it did it was magical. My nail bed and cuticle were hydrated and didn’t have any roughness. As a face moisturizer, this didn’t work at all for my combination oily sensitive skin. Literally, a pimple appeared within 20 minutes of using this product and I was not happy at all. So this definitely didn’t work as a facial moisturizer for me at all.

After my first time experience with Argan Oil, will I purchase the full size? YES but only because of the wonders it did for my hair. My hair has never felt better and I really think that this oil is best used for hair (at least for me). At $58 (CDN), this is very pricey. I’m sure there are alternatives in the drugstore (which hopefully I will try to can then do a comparison). But based on my experience, I would only purchase this again because of the miraculous things it did for my hair, which no other hair product has really been able to do before. You can purchase this at Sephora.

Happy Shopping Dolls! x


  • Great for Hair (conditions, moisturizers, leaves hair soft, silky, shiny, remedy for split ends)
  • Softens cuticle and keeps nail beds hydrated
  • Cute packaging (glass bottle with a dropper, simple and cute)
  • Easy to use oil, absorbed well into the hair and nails
  • Conditions dry patches of skin


  • Broke me out when used as a facial moisturizer
  • Price
  • Not as versatile as I hoped

Rating: 8/10 (This did wonders for my hair I am definitely going to be purchasing the full size of this product. Buy this if you want to try a new beauty oil)



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