Best Dressed Celebrities: Amanda Seyfried

Amanda has been one of the very few newbies that I like to follow on the fashion front. I find her style very edgy yet endearing. It’s evident that she loves to try different styles all while remaining elegant. You won’t see her in something Lady Gaga would wear (seriously though…no one else can dress like the mother monster), but you will see her trying to push the line out of her comfort zone. Her iconic long hair is something I envy (especially now that I have cut my hair shorter). That iconic hair always looks perfect, whether it’s put in an updo or whether it’s left down. Any look, any dress, any style….her hair looks impeccable and pretty perfect! I love that she tries new things with her makeup but still has her signature look, which she tends to wear a lot more (defined eyes, light lips and flawless skin). I find that her makeup look is very achievable for anyone trying to emulate her looks. I love that she keeps it simple when she picks out a gown or even when she dresses normally. She always looks elegant chic, no matter what the occasion and that’s why she makes it onto my best dressed celebrities list. Here are 6 of my favourite looks she has rocked:


This chunky glitter skirt and blazer duo is beautiful on Amanda. The iconic hair paired with the bright lip makes the whole ensemble fun. The choice of clutch, the shoes and the blouse adds to the edginess of this look!


I love this printed red dress on Amanda. The hidden pockets and the zipper down the middle makes the dress fun! The strappy heels work perfectly with the length of this dress. I love that she went with the side swept soft curls and minimal accessories.


How amazing does she look here? This navy blue gown paired with the long pendant necklace looks fantastic on Amanda. Her signature hair and simple chic makeup complete this beautiful look. This is one of my favourite red carpet looks.


Amanda’s choice of this gown was phenomenal! The gold/black gown paired with the shiny belt and black clutch was a great combination. Her braided hair and make up are so edgy chic! This has to be one of her best looks till date!


This is one of the most elegant looks Amanda has rocked. The pulled back hair and the heavy eye makeup work perfectly with this light coloured gown. The work on the gown is also not overdone and I’m glad she went with no accessories!


I love this outfit Amanda is wearing (mainly because this is something I would wear). The embellished top is beautiful and not overdone. Again, the signature hair and chic makeup work perfectly with this ensemble. I love the choice of strappy heels here!


Have A Great Day Dolls! x

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