First Impressions: Sephora’s 1000 Point Perk Reward



If you are a frequent shopper at Sephora, then you are well aware of the ‘Beauty Insider Program’. For every dollar spent at Sephora, you get a point, which you can save and redeem for deluxe samples (you can find out more about it here). During a recent trip to Michigan, I stopped to pick up some goodies from Sephora and was informed by the lovely cashier that Sephora was launching its new 1000 point reward program. Initially, I assumed it would be a big box filled with a bunch of deluxe samples from different brands but I was wrong. I was told that every month they will work with a new brand to offer exclusive FULL SIZE products (the makeup junkie in me literally wanted to squeal with joy inside the store). For the next month they are featuring two full size lip products from the Marc Jacobs Beauty line. Now, I’m sure everyone is well aware that I am literally obsessed with everything Marc Jacobs, so I was pretty much sold when she said “full size Marc Jacobs lip products”.


So do I think this 1000 reward points is worth it? Absolutely. Being a loyal customer for what seems forever, cashing in my points for deluxe samples didn’t seem enough and that’s why I kept saving all my points. But with the introduction of 1000 point rewards, I’m really looking forward to what other brands will team up with Sephora to offer full size products (they will change it every month). I’m really glad Sephora finally introduced this point perk because you get full size products which makes being part of this rewards program worth it even more!


This month’s 1000 point perk rewards set by Marc Jacobs Beauty is called “The Love & Lust Collection”. The two full size products in the magnetic chic box (which I’m totally using as a travel box for my jewelry from now on) are the LoverMarc Lip Gel in Cabaret and Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl in Shooting Stars. I’ve tried the lip gel before and I absolutely love it (here’s my review on it) and I haven’t tried the lip vinyl before, but I did swatch it in store and was wanting to purchase it…which made this set even more worth it for me to get. Cabaret is described as deepest cranberry. Shooting Stars is described as a shimmering raisin berry. This kit also comes with a booklet explaining what the Marc Jacobs Beauty line offers as well as a list of their most loved products.

    IMG_1624 IMG_1625  IMG_1629 IMG_1630

I absolutely love these shades not because they’re very pigmented but also because the colours are so versatile for any skin tone! The deep lip trend has been around forever and these colours are perfect for experimenting. As you can see, the lip gloss is definitely not sheer at all, as I first thought! The lip gel is also a beautiful colour that glides the right amount of colour on at first go! So if you love the Marc Jacobs Beauty line or are a lip product junkie and you have 1000 points lying around in your Sephora beauty bank, then I highly recommend you cash in your points and get this set before it’s gone! I think it’s completely worth it because you are getting 2 full size products that are in exclusive shades [they retail for $34/$36 (CDN)…so a $70 total value]!

Happy Rewards Shopping Dolls! x





5 thoughts on “First Impressions: Sephora’s 1000 Point Perk Reward”

    1. I agree, I’m glad I saved my points, although there were times where I wished I hadn’t cashed in my 500 points for little deluxe sized samples of products. I find this to be worth it…but I am a bit biased. I love the Marc Jacobs Beauty line and the colours are beautiful in this set! if you have the 1000 points DEF get this! But i’m really excited to see what other brands team up…I’m hoping for Dior, Urban Decay and Hourglass!

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