Review: Too Faced Cosmetics’ Peach Leopard Brightening & Perfecting Bronzer


It’s summertime and you know what that means? Time to get those bronzers out! This particular product I got as a gift with purchase s few months ago. The Too Faced Cosmetics’ Peach Leopard Brightening & Perfecting Bronzer is described as a stay all day universal bronzer that delivers a subtle shimmer. This is a natural looking bronzer which is used to create an all over glow to add a healthy flush to your cheeks. It gets its “leopard” name because it combines shades of golden bronze, gilded pink and neutral fawn with a slight shimmer. This can also be used as a blush or a highlighter. According to its makers, this product is 100% cruelty-free and suitable for all skin tones.

So after all of these claims…is this bronzer/blush worth it? Yes, but only if you love bronzers and are addicted to them. I love the combination of the colours. I use it more as a blush than I do as a bronzer because it isn’t as visible (as a bronzer should be) on my NC 45 (MAC) skin tone. I love the slight shimmer because it gives my cheeks a natural glow without all the glitter! The leopard print is cute too. This would be a great bronzer on someone with a lighter skin tone than mine. As a blush, this is amazing! My face literally glows when I have this on. The longevity of this product is great, it literally does stay all day without budging. At $40 (CDN), it is a hefty amount to pay for a bronzer. That ‘s why I would recommend this to any bronzer/blush junkie. If you are looking for a bronzer to try out and have a fair/olive skin tone, then I think this would be a fantastic investment for you! If you have a darker skin tone than that, then I would say get it to use it as a blush or even a subtle all over face highlighter. But if you are still unsure about bronzers, then perhaps this isn’t a product for you (although Too Faced does have other awesome bronzers in their line for newbies you can try out). You can purchase this at any Sephora store or online!

Happy Shopping Dolls! x


  • Multiple uses (you can use it as a bronzer on lighter skin tones, a blush on medium to dark skin tones, highlighter on darker skin tones)
  • The mix of colours is really nice to give you a natural glow, not glittery but a bit shimmery
  • Cute packaging
  • Great Longevity on my cheeks


  • Price
  • Not as pigmented as I had hoped, but it still does majority of what it claims to do

Rating: 8/10 (I love this product because it looks very natural on my skin despite having a little shimmer. This is a decent investment for any bronzer/blush junkie!)

IMG_1052IMG_1048 IMG_1050IMG_1051


12 thoughts on “Review: Too Faced Cosmetics’ Peach Leopard Brightening & Perfecting Bronzer

    1. Same!!! And the names for their products are adorable too! They have some nice palettes as well! Yes def do and let me know how you like it! 🙂 Thanks for reading super appreciate!!

      1. I have two of their neutral palettes. Gah, I should stop buying neutrals as I have too much of them but Im a sucker when it comes to their packaging though!
        Have a peek at my blog and if you like it, maybe we can follow each other? x

      2. Done 🙂
        and yes I have the same issue, I just can’t get enough of the neutral palettes!!! Their Romantic Palette is pretty awesome too!! 🙂

      3. Thank you so much for following me 🙂
        I have like tons of neutrals to last me a lifetime, but a beauty addict will always be a beauty addict, haha.
        Your blog is really cute btw x

    1. No problem! IF you do purchase this and try it, let me know your thoughts! I do adore this product but I wish it was way more pigmented like in the pan!! 🙂 also thanks for reading! super appreciate it! 🙂

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