What’s In My Purse?!


Happy Thursday Dolls! Inspired by various other bloggers and vloggers, I’ve decided to give you a peak into what I carry in my purse! I like to change-up my purses at least once every week if not two weeks (yes yes, life of a purse addict..), so every purse seems to have different sets of things. This current crossbody, I’ve been carrying for the longest time because it’s adorable and reliable (if you don’t know my love for crossbodies, click here to find out). The size is perfect for everyday use and travel. Well without further adieu…here’s what’s in my purse right now:


Purse: Crossbody by Jessica Simpson (I love this brand of purses because of its durability, quality & price. I find this colour goes with almost every outfit so I don’t have to fuss about matching. Plus, I love that it has hidden pockets/zippers for my little trinkets/change).


Cell Phone/USB connector: iPhone 5s in a Kate Spade Case (like everyone in the world, my cell phone is pretty much my planner. It’s got everything I need all in one device! I carry a USB connector, in case I need to charge my phone or I have to connect it to my car)

Wallet by Kate Spade & Sunglasses by Miu Miu

iPod/Headphones: 3rd generation iPod touch (This holds all my music from when I first purchased this till now so it kind of has to be with me all the time…you never know when you need to listen to music!)

Rosebud Salve Lip Balm: I can’t live without this stuff (click here to find out why!)


Two little notebooks: One is for writing down any ideas I have for this blog, anything that inspires me, or anything I like in a store, etc.. The other one is an autograph book, in case I run into a celebrity (yes it has happened in the past, so I like to be prepared!)

Lip Tint: Tarte Lip surgence in Perky (I’m currently obsessed with pink lips. This one is a favourite because it’s a lip tint so it’s perfect for daily wear and it looks natural)

Urban Decay’s De-slick Powder: This is a current favourite that I’m carrying around to blot excess oil on my face plus it’s got a pretty decent sized mirror! (Here’s my review on this product).

Hand Lotion/Rollerball: Ralph Lauren Romance (this is my current fragrance obsession. It’s such an adorable and light scent that is perfect for the summer time!)

The usuals: Bottled Water, Pen, Hair tie, Gum, Granola Bar, hand sanitizer (from bath and body works), car/house keys, antibacterial wipe

Have A Great Day Dolls! x

P.S.: Thank you to everyone who has liked, shared, tweeted, facebooked, shared, commented, followed this blog! I heart you all and super duper appreciate it!




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