Review: Estee Lauder’s Take It Away Total Makeup Remover

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Removing makeup at the end of the night is always a daunting task for the lazy (yes, I am one of them and yes, I’d rather just jump straight into bed & sleep). But, it’s so important to go to bed with clean skin! If you don’t, then you are probably going to end up with a terrible breakout and in the long run your skin will suffer (no one wants that!). With that being said, I’m always on the hunt to find a one-step makeup remover that doesn’t require much effort on my end. I came across this product while checking out beauty vloggers on YouTube and decided to give it a try.

Estee Lauder’s Take it Away Total makeup remover is described as a unique water-based formula that refreshes your skin with a crisp citrus scent while removing makeup. It quickly and gently removes all makeup (including long wear and waterproof formulas). It rinses away easily and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth without any sort of greasy after feel or oily residue. After applying this to your face, you can either rinse it off with water or take a tissue and wipe it off (it’s ultimately up to you).

What was my verdict on this product? 

This makeup remover definitely lives up to its expectations. I like it because it requires only one step (perfect for those lazy nights). Although, I don’t always reach for this makeup remover, I do like it. The scent is divine, my skin feels refreshed after I apply this. It did a phenomenal job in removing every little bit of makeup, whether waterproof or long wear. When I rinsed this formula off, it did leave my skin super soft and smooth. But, when I tissued off, it did leave some parts of my skin a little bit dry (that could be because of my combination oily skin, although this product is geared towards all skin types). But, I can assure you that I did not have any skin irritations or breakouts after using this product. The one issue I have with this product is the price. At a whopping $32, this is super expensive for a makeup remover despite living up to all its claims. I do feel you can find cheaper alternatives that require more steps but will have the same quality of removing makeup. So if you have the extra money, then this is a definite must try. Another thing I use this product for is cleaning my makeup brushes when I’m in a rush (and don’t have time to deep cleanse them). This does a great job in removing every bit of product, while leaving my brushes soft and smelling pretty! You can purchase this at any Estee Lauder counter.

Happy Shopping Dolls! x


  • Versatile
  • Removes every bit of makeup, both waterproof and longwear
  • One step makeup remover
  • You don’t have to rinse off, you can tissue it off
  • Smells nice
  • Leaves no residue at all


  • Price
  • When tissued off: left parts of my skin dry

Rating: 8/10 (I love this product for its versatility and easiness. If you’re looking to try a makeup remover that’s easy to use, definitely try this!)

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