Review: Dior Addict Lipstick in Vintage (525)


This was one product I was dying to try ever since I’ve seen the print ads of Kate Moss in various magazines. This high-end lipstick seems to be a hit with a lot of its users and of course I had to give it a whirl and let all of you know what I thought! The Dior Addict Lipsticks are described as a lipstick which not only gives you the perfect colour but also hydrates your lips. The house of Dior claims that this lipstick range is inspired by the cutting-edge runway fashions of Dior. This lipstick’s formula hydrates and volumizes your lips. As Dior says, this formula dresses your lips with a veil of addicting colour and spectacular shine. I decided to try the shade “Vintage (525)” which is described as a rosy brown. When I swatched it and tried it at the store, it was the perfect nude colour for my lips and that’s why I decided to purchase it given I don’t have a lot of nude colours in my lipstick drawer.

What was my verdict?

This has to be one of the best high-end lipsticks I have tried. The formula of this lipstick is phenomenal. Not only is it hydrating but the consistency is so perfect that it literally hugs your lips with colour and shine. Also, it does plump your lips a little bit. The formula doesn’t dry out and it’s just perfect! I love this colour because it is the colour of my lips but only better (if that even makes sense). This is the perfect nude for me and I find myself always reaching for this lipstick whenever I have a smoky eye look. I also love this lipstick for daily wear because it’s not an aggressive colour. The opacity of the colour is amazing. With one swipe, you get intense colour and the perfect shine. The longevity of this product is pretty good too. I do have to reapply half way through the day/event/night but that is totally expected with any sort of glossy lipstick. The only downside to this product has to be it’s hefty price. At $34 (CDN), this seriously is the cream of the crop. I can assure you that you do get your money’s worth with this product. This is a fantastic lipstick and coming from a brand like Dior, you will never be disappointed. Purchase this particular colour if you are on the hunt for the perfect nude! I am so impressed by this that I cannot wait to try some of the other colours in the range! The packaging is also pretty adorable and this product does everything it claims to do amazingly! You can purchase this at any Dior counter (I purchased mine from Sephora).

Happy shopping Dolls! x


  • Beautiful, opaque, shiny colour
  • Hugs your lips, hydrates
  • Adds a bit of volume to your lips
  • No scent, cute packaging
  • Decent Longevity


  • Price

Rating: 9.5/10 (I absolutely love the colour and formula of this lipstick! I deducted half a point for the price, but this is definitely a “worth-it” investment)



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