Best Dressed Celebrities: Adam Levine

Well since it’s Man Crush Monday (the infamous hash tag started on various social media sites), I had to feature my favourite crush (yes I have many), Mr. Adam Levine. We’ve known him as the lead singer of the amazing band Maroon 5, a budding actor and as a judge on The Voice. On top of that, he has his own budget friendly clothing line with K-mart and his own fragrance line for men/women. Along with having great singing chops, Mr. Levine is one of the best dressed men in Hollywood. He can work the classic look as well as the casual chic look without trying hard at all. Whether we see him on the red carpet or walking on the street, he is always dressed to impress. Everything he wears is effortless chic and he rarely looks bad. He does take fashion risks time to time and they almost always work in his favour. I love seeing Adam on the red carpet because he always gets it right. Also, most of the time you will see him rocking his arm candy, new wife & Victoria’s Secret Model, Behati Prinsloo (how adorable do they look together?). Adam always tries to coordinate his outfits with his wifey, which is super cute. Adam is one of the best dressed men in the world and here are five of my favourite ensembles he has worn:


Even when on stage, this adorable singer dresses to impress! The black vest paired with a bow tie and white dress shirt is very classic chic. This tatted singer looks super dashing!


This handsome star looks amazing in this casual look. The classic white tee paired with jeans and a grey cardigan on top looks effortless chic! I love his signature messy yet perfect hair.


How dreamy does Mr. Levine look The classic black suit looks amazing on Adam. I love that he didn’t pair a tie or a bow tie, keeping the look simple, making him look dapper!


Adam Levine makes a graphic tee and jeans look hot! The short hair paired with this super casual look looks effortless. The fact he didn’t try hard makes this look even better!

11d139b5f81b34b22d58a3748b2bb841In this classic black and white suit, Adam looks incredibly handsome. I love the pop of colour on his tie. He is dressed to impress and he looks super stylish.

Happy Man Crush Monday Dolls! x

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