Hair Diaries: Tips & Tricks for Combating Your Messiest Hair!


Ever wake up in the morning with the worst bed head possible? Well fear not, Daff Diaries is here to help you! “Bed Head” (messy, tangled, unruly, frizzy morning hair) can be prevented and fixed, if you just follow some of my favourite tips/tricks!

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How to battle & prevent the dreaded “Bed Head”: 

The “Old Cotton T-shirt” 


If you’re like me and wash your hair before bed, then this is a must try for you! Instead of using a towel to dry my hair, I have been using an old cotton t-shirt. Why you ask? Well, a towel ends up over drying your hair and the grooves of your towel can damage hair cuticles, which can lead to frizzy hair. With an old cotton t-shirt, your hair isn’t snagged and not all the moisture is sucked out. And you are left with soft and smooth locks. This is my most trusted way to prevent crazy bed head in the morning!

Hair Oils


Hair oils are a great way to treat/prevent bed head because of its multiple uses. If you want to prevent having bed head in the morning, then apply a dime size amount of oil all over your hair before bed. I guarantee you that when you wake up, you will have moisturized, smooth and soft strands (no messy tangles at all). If you chose to wash your hair in the morning, then while blow drying your hair, apply a little bit of the hair oil to your strands for your smoothest hair. If you wake up with unbelievably crazy hair, hair oils can be a saviour! Use it the same way you would use it the night before and brush your hair out, after applying the oil. You will have extremely smooth hair! My favourite one to use is Josie Maran’s 100 % Argan Oil (read why here).

  Hair Products


The right hair product for your hair type can instantly affect your hair’s manageability and condition. When I wake up with messy hair, I always stick by these products. The Dove anti frizz cream is my most used product (you can read why here) because it instantly helps with taming messy hair. Another product I swear by is the Pantene BB cream for hair. It instantly smooths, untangles, and improves my hair’s condition in the morning, & it lasts all day (you can read more here). Also, never forget to use a heat protectant on hair before using any hot tools. This is the number one reason why people deal with frizzy, untamed, messy hair, especially in the morning. This product ensures that moisture is not drained from your hair cuticles (the biggest reason behind bed head).

Hair Tools


The best way to fix a messy hair situation in the morning is by using the right hair tools. This can make a huge impact on combating your “bed head”. I love using an ionic hair dryer (I use Conair’s TurboBlast) when blow drying my hair. It cuts down on frizz to give you smooth/shiny hair. Also, use hot tools at the lowest setting to prevent any damage to your hair because you are more likely to have unmanageable hair every morning rather than occasionally. Hair brushes are the best way to tame the “bed head”. Use a wide tooth comb to brush out any tangles in the morning (from mid shaft to tip). This will instantly smooth out your hair. Then, I use the quick styler brush to brush my hair out before applying any hair product. Since the brush has microfibres attached to it, it will smooth out any fly-aways or frizz.

Silk/Satin Pillow Cases


This tip I picked up from a magazine article and was amazed by how quickly I saw results. Silk/Satin pillow cases are extremely beneficial for the well-being of your hair and skin. Unlike cotton pillow cases, which tend to snag on your hair when you toss and turn at night, these pillow cases are smooth and don’t snag at all. This is one of the main causes behind the dreaded bed head and that’s why switching pillow cases might be a beneficial option in the long run.



My hair stylist gave me this tip when I was having problems managing my extremely long hair in the morning and while I sleep. According to her, if you want to prevent messy & tangled hair in the morning, then the best option is to braid your hair before you sleep. You can have one braid or multiple braids, depending on your hair length and type. The benefits are amazing. When I unbraid my hair in the morning, I don’t have major frizz and my hair is not flat but rather volumized! Also, there are no tangles and I’m ready to style my hair without any sort of fuss! This is probably my most trusted way of preventing the dreaded bed head!

Embrace it!

IMG_0903 IMG_0764

This is my favourite thing to do. If I wake up with the messiest hair, I just brush it and go about my day! Sometimes, I get lazy and I don’t like doing anything to my hair and I just own it and go with it. If it’s really bothering me, I will tie my hair up or add a head band. All you need is a good hair brush and confidence! Seriously, this is the best way to combat the bed head!

Have a great day dolls & be sure to check out Casper Sleep Mattresses! x


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