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Makeup Diaries: The Shimmery Sultry Eye


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If you haven’t read my review on the Stila In The Light Eye Palette, then you can do so here. This palette has been one of my go-to palettes lately because it’s so easy to use some of these versatile colours for an everyday shimmery sultry eye look. This eye look is one of my favourites to wear because it literally goes with any makeup looks, outfits and accessories. The shimmery effect makes it perfect for night-time looks. Since it isn’t super shimmery, you can also wear this during day time events. Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to get this particular eye look using the products above!


  1. After you’ve moisturized your face/eye area, apply an eye shadow primer all over your lids. For this look, I love using MAC’s Paint Pot in Groundwork (click here to find out why).IMG_2693
  2. With a flat eye shadow brush (you can use anyone you like, but I’m using the MAC 239SE), apply the shade “Kitten” all over your eyelids.IMG_2695
  3. Take a contour/crease brush (I’m using one from Forever 21), apply the shade “Bliss” into the crease. Blend the shade into your lids where you applied “Kitten”. Not only will this create definition but also it’ll make a pretty transitional colour.
  4. Apply the shade “Sunset” in the outer 1/3 of your eyelids with a flat shadow brush.IMG_2697
  5. With the same contour/crease brush, apply the shade “Sandstone” to the outer corners of your eyelids, blending into the crease.
  6. Using the same contour/crease brush, continue using “Sandstone” and line your lower lash line, joining into the outer eye corner.IMG_2701
  7. Apply the shade “Bare” to your brow bone with a clean shadow brush.IMG_2699
  8. Take a clean fluffy blending brush and make small circular strokes in the crease area of your eyelids. This will blend out any harsh lines created by the various different shade colours. Also, it’ll make the transition look more natural (I’m using the one from Buxom cosmetics).IMG_2704
  9. Using the Stila Smudge Stick that comes with this palette (Damsel), line the upper lash line.IMG_2703
  10. Using a flat liner brush (mine’s from Tarte Cosmetics), go over the line you just created with your liner. This will soften the liner and give you a smoldering effect.
  11. With the same liner brush, dip into “Sandstone” and reline the lower lash line.
  12. Fill in your brows and set the shape however you like (I love using Maybelline’s Clear Great Lash).IMG_2705
  13. Apply a coat of your favourite mascara (I’m using Buxom Lash Mascara).
  14. Take a damp tissue and wipe of any excess fall out under your eye (if there’s any).
  15. Apply an under eye brightener, to make eyes look brighter as well as make your eye makeup pop out more. I love this one from Maybelline.IMG_2706
  16. Finish off your make up look with your normal foundation routine!

Remember: It’s all about trial and error. Use different colours to see what meshess the best for you and your eye colour. You don’t have to completely follow each step here, find what’s easy for you and don’t be afraid to make it your own by adding/taking away steps!

Happy Eye Makeup-ing Dolls! x

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