Life Diaries: My Favourite Celebrity Instagram Accounts

IMG_0574This is my fav from my own instagram account!

Who doesn’t love stalking celebs on Instagram (I know you all do)? I often find myself spending a good chunk of time (when I have free time, I swear) checking out different celeb’s Instagram accounts. It’s amazing to see how they use this aspect of social media to connect with the fans. Some love to only talk about upcoming projects and promotions, while some love to share different aspects of their lives. Either way, the fact that they use this to connect with their fans directly is super cool! Instagram is pretty addictive, if I say so myself, so it’s fun to see some celebrities go crazy on there with selfies (hello Kim K). What are my favourite things to see on a celeb’s instagram account? Fashion, beauty, lifestyle & family pictures. I don’t mind celebs promoting their projects but I prefer celebs who showcase their personalities through their pictures. Below you will find my favourite celebrity Instagram accounts I love to follow and I’ve linked my favourite pictures as well:

  1. Beyonce (It’s Queen B, enough said)
  2. Zac Efron (Hottie alert. That is all)
  3. Diane Kruger (Her life is astonishing & her boyfriend is really hot)
  4. James Franco (Insane amounts of selfies paired with humour)
  5. Lauren Conrad (Her account is as graceful & elegant as she is)
  6. Scott Disick (Lord Disick’s pictures will make you go “ooo” and giggle)
  7. Mindy Kaling (Fashion. Humour. Best Captions)
  8. Drake (Canadian. Rapper. Hot)
  9. Kourtney Kardashian (Fashionista, Mom, fellow Aries, & a Kardashian)
  10. Anderson Cooper (My political crush. Anything he posts will get loved) 
  11. Gwen Stefani (To quote her song, “Damn, you’ve got some wicked style”) 
  12. Nazem Kadri (NHL Players are even hotter off the ice)
  13. Nicole Richie (Funny, Fashion forward, & cool)
  14. Josh Duhamel (Hilarious, All love, & a hot dad) 
  15. Victoria Beckham (She’s a self-made fashion mogul & a Beckham) 

Happy Sunday Dolls! x

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