Hair Diaries: Hairbands


I love hairbands. They are the easiest way to glam up a bad hair day or even add some pizzazz to your over all look. If I cannot decide on a hairstyle for an event, then I usually end up wearing a headband because it instantly makes any outfit look more put together. I have been wearing hairbands since I was a kid (thank you mommy for always making me fashionable). But my love for headbands grew after watching Gossip Girl (yes Blair Waldorf has a huge influence on what I wear sometimes). Almost every accessories store carries headbands. But my favourite places? Ardene or Claire’s because they have a whole wall dedicated to just different types of headbands at very reasonable prices. I also love Aldo Accessories, Anthropologie & Forever 21 for headbands because they carry more of the embellished bands (which are my favourite style to rock). You can get hairbands in any style, any colour & any texture. It all comes down to what you prefer. I have quite the variety of hairbands (as you can see) just so that I can wear them according to outfit whenever I want. There are 3 major types of hairbands that I love, which I will talk about below.

Skinny Hairbands


These are my favourite style of hairbands to wear. I wear them to work, I wear them when I go out for casual events/errands or sometimes if they’re satin, then I will wear them to an evening event. These are probably the most common and versatile ways of wearing a headband. As you can see, I own a lot of them because these skinny bands usually come in packs of 3-4 (which is a steal!). This one from Anthropologie is so adorable! Also, this one from Ardene is a steal!

Embellished/Bow/Satin Hairbands

IMG_2323IMG_2333 IMG_2358

These are probably my next favourite style of hairbands to wear because they instantly glam up your overall look. Personally, I love anything that is embellished with rhinestones or bows. Bow headbands are so stylish and versatile to rock. You can pretty much wear them with anything and it will look cute. I tend to wear embellished hairbands for nights out or for dressy events. This is a perfect to add glam without overdoing it. This one from Forever 21 is so cute! This one from Claire’s is exactly the same butterfly one I have above. An oversized bow hairband is so very Blair Waldorf and Claire’s has the perfect one. I love this one from Anthropologie and this one from Claire’s because of the adorable embellishments.

Chunky Hairbands


I love chunky hairbands, especially the ones that come with tie ups in the end (so you can add a little bow). The only downside with chunky hairbands, I find, is that I must have extra volumized hair so that the band doesn’t flatten out my hair (if that makes sense). I usually wear these bands when my hair is in curls or is extra teased. Also, these are my go to bands when I’m going for a mod inspired look. This one from Anthropologie has to be my favourite. This one from Claire’s is very chic.

Happy Hair Accessorizing Dolls! x 


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