Life Diaries: My Favourite Celebrity Instagram Accounts-Bollywood Edition


Last week, I shared with you my favourite celebrity Instagram accounts. This week I’m going to share more of my favourite celebrity accounts but from Bollywood! Yes, Bollywood is a pretty big part of my life (I’m sure you have already noticed a few Bollywood inspired posts around here) and I figured why not share with you my favourite celebs’ Instagram accounts. With Bollywood celebrities, Instagram mainly showcase their fashion choices, promotional material for upcoming projects, endless selfies & sometimes fun behind the scene moments. As I had said earlier, I love seeing celebs who use social media to share candid fun moments from their lives along with their fashion choices. This is a perfect way to directly connect with their fans. Below you will find my favourite Bollywood celebrity accounts. I’ve also linked my favourite pictures from their accounts. 🙂

  1. Shraddha Kapoor (Family, fashion, fun, movies)
  2. Shahid Kapoor (Hottie. Need I say more?)
  3. Priyanka Chopra (Travel, fashion, beauty, endless selfies)
  4. Varun Dhawan (Witty & Cute)
  5. Sonam Kapoor (Ultimate Fashionista)
  6. Arjun Kapoor (Adorable. That is all)
  7. Sonakshi Sinha (Classy, sassy, & selfie lover)
  8. Riteish Deshmukh (Hilarious, love & all around fun)
  9. Nargis Fakhri (Real, relatable, funny & random) 

Happy Tuesday Dolls! x


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