Review: Maybelline New York’s Great Lash Mascara in Clear


Maybelline New York’s Great Lash Mascara in clear is a cult favourite. This can be used to groom & shape your brows as well. Who doesn’t love a product that can do multiple things? Like any mascara, the wand is skinny with normal fibre bristles. The wand is perfect for separating lashes. The formula can also be layered multiple times to add volume to your lashes. As an eyebrow gel, this keeps brows in place without leaving a crunchy feeling. According to its makers, this clear gel formula is made with panthenol, which conditions your lashes and provides a natural yet polished look. It’s contact lens safe and ophthalmologist-tested. Known as North America’s favourite clear mascara, I had to give this a whirl!

My verdict?

I have no idea why I never tried this earlier (preferably in my teens). Seriously, this has to be one of the best beauty creations ever. I love that one tube of this clear mascara can be used either as a mascara or to groom my brows. As a mascara, this is phenomenal. My lashes don’t feel dry and they look super natural when I apply this. The more layers you add to your lashes, the more volume you get. I find two coats to be perfect for me! This doesn’t clump my lashes at all & it separates even the tiniest of eyelashes. As a brow gel, this is amazing. My eyebrows stay in place all day (or until I use makeup remover to remove it). The wand is skinny enough to properly groom/brush my brows into my desired shape. Also, it’s super natural looking. I love this product because of its versatility, the incredible formula & its cheap price (less than $10 CDN). You cannot go wrong with this product at all. It’s perfect for daily wear and when you are running late. I have already used two tubes of this and most of the time when I go to the drugstore to purchase this, it’s sold out (hence the cult favourite status). Maybelline, you have created a great product and I believe that everyone should own this in their makeup drawer! You can purchase this at your local drugstore or any store that sells Maybelline products.

Happy Shopping Dolls! x


  • Separates lashes without clumping or drying
  • Lashes feel soft, not hard, doesn’t feel like you have mascara on
  • Perfect for grooming brows, keeps the shape
  • Great longevity, you need makeup remover to remove it
  • Price


  • Nothing at all!

Rating: 10/10 (One of the best beauty products I have ever tried and I would, probably, want with me if I was stranded on an island)




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