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Daff Diaries Goes Bollywood This Week!


Bollywood is a pretty big part of my life and not because I’m a proud South Asian but because it’s quite entertaining. I was first introduced to Bollywood when I was probably just a few days old (Thank you parents!) and ever since then, my love for it has only grown. I’m quite an avid Bollywood movie watcher. I try to watch new movies once a week (if I’m not busy) but more importantly I tend to watch some of my favourites over and over again. The actors and actresses are also quite fashionable in Bollywood and I find myself trying to emulate their style time to time (whether it’s clothing, hair and/or makeup). Since Bollywood has a very strong influence in my life, I’ve decided that Daff Diaries will be going Bollywood this week! Expect posts about favourite movies, actors, & actresses along with favourite fashion/makeup/style icons of Bollywood. Of course, there will still be product reviews this week and they’ll be incorporated with the Bollywood theme!

Hope you enjoy dolls! x 🙂



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