Review: M.A.C.’s Eye Kohl Liner in Smolder


M.A.C’s eye kohl liners are one of my favourite eye liners to use. In fact, these eye liners are probably my first ever makeup purchases in my life, so they hold a sentimental value. This particular eye liner is my most used (as you can see in the shrinking size) black liner in my makeup drawer. M.A.C.’s eye kohl liners are a soft pencil liner that is meant to define, line and shade the eyes with pigmented colour. With a silky smooth texture, this particular liner has a matte finish. This particular shade, smolder, is an intense black colour.

My verdict?


Love is not a strong enough word to describe how much I adore this liner. As I mentioned earlier, that this is one my most used black liners (believe me I own many). In fact, I reach for this whenever I want to create a smoldering smoky eye. Firstly, the pigmentation on this liner is amazing! The colour payoff is fantastic. It’s an intense matte black colour which doesn’t feel chalky or powdery. Secondly, the texture of this liner is incredible. It’s soft but not too soft that your pencil breaks off and you have to keep sharpening. It’s perfect, in the sense that you will get a smooth line on your lids no matter what (but always make sure to keep the lid on when not in use). The texture is perfect enough to blend and smudge on to your eyes. Thirdly, I love the versatility of this liner. It’s not JUST a liner. You can use it as a shadow, base or smudge it to create the perfect smoldering eye (even the name of this liner is perfect). I absolutely love this because the black is pretty dark and it perfectly defines my eyes for a sultry look (not to mention, it makes my brown eyes pop). I had no irritations, fall out, or raccoon eyes from using this liner. At $16(USD), this is one of the best black eye liners I have ever used. I really don’t know what I would do without it, since it’s my most used liner of all time! You can purchase this at any M.A.C. counters, online or any of their stores.

Happy Shopping Dolls! x


  • Intense matte finish
  • Amazing texture: blends, smudges well
  • Great colour pay off, super opaque
  • A lot of product for the price
  • No fall out, raccoon eyes or irritations


  • None!

Rating: 10/10 (The best black eye liner I have ever used in my life. Seriously, I’ve repurchased this a few times now and I cannot imagine my life without it!)



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