Makeup Diaries: Bollywood’s Best Makeup Moments

Whenever I am in doubt of what makeup look to create for a night out, I always rely on celebrities to give me some makeup inspiration. Most of the time, I can get away with recreating each look (although, I like to add my unique twist to some of them). Since this blog has gone Bollywood for the week, I thought why not share with you some of my favourite makeup moments courtesy of Bollywood’s leading ladies! Below you will find a few of my favourite looks that some of my favourite Bollywood actresses have rocked:

9dfe7c3c7678f78cec4751336158004bAishwarya Rai Bachchan

This is one of my favourite makeup looks ever! Aishwarya’s makeup here is completely flawless! In order to pull off a bold red lip, you have to be able to balance out the makeup everywhere else by keeping things neutral. Ash’s defined neutral eyes and bold brows aren’t overdone. A flawless contoured face is perfect with a red lip. This ex-Miss World’s makeup looks stunning!

4e9efe2d8dce44e2f8a99520928e3f47Priyanka Chopra

PC’s makeup is always impeccable. In fact, I’ve met her before and even in person her makeup is beautiful and never overdone. This is one of my favourite looks to rock. The blush toned lips are gorgeous and go with pretty much any sort of eye makeup. Priyanka keeps her eyes dark and defined. Priyanka’s overall makeup looks is gorgeous, as always!

1a4cd03fcd8be356e9e2829aa4e151bbAnushka Sharma

This is one of the prettiest ways of wearing barely there makeup. It’s hard for a lot of people to pull of this style of makeup off but Anushka does it perfectly well! Anushka pairs a light pink lip with peach blush on her cheeks. This is the best way to balance a natural makeup look. She lightly defines her eyes, fills in her eyebrows and wear a bit of mascara for this polished look.

Sonam kapoor at Awards function (1)Sonam Kapoor

This glamourista always hits it out of the park with her makeup. I’ve rarely ever not liked anything she dons! Her look here is perfect! The bright pink bold lip is super trendy! She pairs this with a shimmery/satiny eye makeup look, which isn’t overbearing at all. Filled in eyebrows and a light dusting of blush on the apples of the cheeks finish this pretty look!

be328c10-cde7-11e3-a398-ed97a52efae5_YOG_2412Deepika Padukone

Deepika always plays it safe with her makeup but her vampy look here was a risk well taken. This trendy look is really hard to pull off because the look can come off too strong for some. Deepika’s ox blood coloured lips are paired with lightly defined eyes, which is how you want to wear this trend. Filled in eyebrows and flawless skin finish this gorgeous look!

adf505902c566fb990ac4f5a985ae8c9Sonakshi Sinha

Everyone loves a good smoky eye and Sonakshi is killing this look! This classic smoky eye she’s rocking has a hint of shimmer/glitter making this perfect for a night out and to make her eye colour pop out! Nude lips, sculpted cheeks and flawless skin is the right way to finish this amazing look! (Psst, check back on this blog later to see how you can recreate this look Sonakshi is rocking!)

Happy Thursday Dolls! x

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