Review: Marc Jacobs’ Lust For Lacquer Lip Vinyl-Full in Shooting Stars (#316)


This has been on my beauty wish list to try for the longest time! I was happy to receive this when I cashed in my 1000 points at Sephora (you can read more about it here). The Marc Jacobs beauty line has become one of my favourites beauty brands of all time. This product is a lip gloss with full colour coverage. The formula is infused with champagne grapes to give you lust-worthy colour. It also includes a plumping component with antioxidants, essential oils and a hint of effervescence for a perfect pout with the highest shine. The colour Shooting Stars is a berry mauve with shimmer. With this many claims, I couldn’t wait to use this product at all!

My Verdict?


This has to be one of the best beauty product the Marc Jacobs line has to offer. This lip gloss is more like a liquid lipstick and I am completely in love with this product! Firstly, the packaging of this product is super classy and luxurious. The brush applicator is phenomenal. It perfectly glides on my lips without feathering at all. Also, the shape of this pillowed applicator is perfect for precise application! Secondly, the formula is incredible (actually, I wasn’t expecting anything less). The fact that it has champagne grapes is probably the reason why the formula is so amazing. It’s creamy, not sticky and the consistency is pretty great. There was no tingling feeling from the plumping component from this product at all. My lips were moisturized and didn’t feel one bit dried out. Thirdly, the colour is incredibly pigmented. Even though this particular colour had shimmer, it wasn’t overdone and you were able to see the berry/maroon colour perfectly. Given that Pantone’s colour of the year is Marsala, I find this colour to be perfect! Lastly, the longevity of this product is fantastic. I didn’t have to re-apply as often and the colour lasted through the usual eating, drinking, etc. The only downside to this product is probably the price. At a whopping $34 (CDN), this really is a luxury item. Personally, if I hadn’t gotten this as part of the perk, I still would’ve purchased it because this is really an incredible product. If money is the only thing that’s stopping you from purchasing this, then think of this as a long-term investment. This really is worth every bit of your 34 dollars. You can purchase this online or at Sephora!

Happy Shopping Dolls! x


  • Longevity of the product on your lips is incredible
  • The colour is highly pigmented
  • The packaging is luxurious and the applicator tip is perfect
  • The formula is non sticky, creamy, moisturizing


  • Price

Rating: 9/10 (Seriously, one of the best pigmented lip gloss I have ever tried and I can’t wait to try out the other colours!)


 IMG_3416IMG_3418 IMG_3419IMG_3421



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