Review: Urban Decay’s Naked 2 Palette


Everyone that’s a makeup addict already knows about the infamous “Naked” line of products from Urban Decay. After becoming a cult hit, Urban Decay decided to put out a second edition of the Naked palette, calling it the Naked 2 Palette. The first edition of the naked palette had 12 eye shadows that were bronze based and warmer in tone. The Naked 2 palette also offers 12 eye shadows that are taupe and grey-beige based neutrals and are a bit cooler in tone. This palette comes with a double ended “Good Karma” shadow and crease brush as well as sample packets of Eye Shadow Primer Potions. All of the colours in this palette can be used either for a day time look or a night time look, the possibilities are endless. These shadows range from matte, satin to shimmery. After swatching the palette at Sephora, I was so impressed that I had to give it a whirl!

My Verdict?

I am a die-hard Naked Palette user, so this particular palette for me came with high expectations. Urban Decay did not disappoint me at all. Although, initially I was unsure if I would love this palette as much as the original Naked palette but I have fallen in love with this palette as well. In fact, I sometimes have a hard time deciding which palette to use because I love them both equally and there have been times when both the original Naked palette and the Naked 2 palette have travelled with me wherever I went. Everything about the Naked 2 palette is great. Firstly, the pigmentation and opacity of the shadows are incredible. With one swipe, you get a lot of colour. They’re buttery, soft and smooth. They glide on your eyelids. Secondly, the formula of the shadows is amazing! There’s absolutely no fall-out from any of the shadows (including the shimmery ones). There’s no creasing either. Thirdly, the longevity of this product on your lids is incredibly awesome! Nothing moved or smudged throughout the duration of the product on my lids. In fact, I had to use makeup remover to remove it. Another thing I love about this product is the versatility of the eye shadows. It’s perfect to wear during the day or night and all the shadows can work harmoniously together with one another or they can be used alone. Lastly, the packaging of this product is better than the original Naked Palette’s casing. It’s a metal shut case, which is perfect for when you are travelling. Also, the brush is fantastic. I use the dual ended brush not only with this palette but also with all my other eye shadows. All in all, this is one phenomenal eye shadow palette. It really is different from the original Naked palette. This is perfect for anyone who wants to own both palettes. At $64(CDN), this is worth every little bit of your money. Also, the price is exactly the same as the original Naked Palette. So if you are going to invest in any taupey/beige based neutral palette, then this has to be it! You can purchase this at Sephora (that’s where I got mine) or any other Urban Decay retailers. I highly recommend this products to anyone who is in the market for a great neutral palette!


The Colours

  1. Foxy: This matte cream colour is perfect as a highlight colour.
  2. Half Baked: This colour is also featured in the Naked Palette and is a shimmery golden-bronze colour, perfect as a base for a smoky eye.
  3. Booty Call: This shimmery pale pink colour is perfect as a highlight as well.
  4. Chopper: This shimmery shadow with silver microglitter is a beautiful shadow!
  5. Tease: A matte pale brown, which I use mainly to define my crease.
  6. Snakebite: This dark shimmery metallic bronze is a gorgeous colour!
  7. Suspect: This is a pale golden shimmery beige colour, perfect for a base shadow colour!
  8. Pistol: This shimmery light gray/brown shadow is perfect for a smoldering eye look.
  9. Verve: This is a shimmery white shadow perfect on its own or in the inner corners of your eyes.
  10. YDK: This shimmery/metallic bronze colour is beautiful on its own.
  11. Busted: A shimmery deep brown, perfect for your outer corner!
  12. Blackout: This has to be one of the blackest matte shadows I have seen in a palette!

My favourite shades are YDK, Foxy, Chopper, Tease and Snakebite

Rating: 10/10 (This is an amazing sequel to a great original. If you love Urban Decay’s shadows, then this palette is a must have!)


IMG_2907  IMG_2905 IMG_2909



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