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Fashion Diaries: Ryan Gosling’s Best Style Moments

It’s Monday and we all know what that means, It’s Man Crush Monday! This week’s MCM is none other than the definition of hotness, Mr. Ryan Gosling! This Canadian cutie became a household name after his amazing portrayal of Noah Calhoun from the infamous movie, The Notebook. On top of having amazing acting skills, this adorable new dad is also known for his amazing fashion sense and style. Ryan is always dressed to impress. Whether he’s walking his dog or attending a movie premiere, Ryan never ceases to disappoint. Taking fashion risks is no big deal for Mr. Gosling and he always rocks everything with immense suave and confidence making him one of the best-dressed men in the world. Here are some of Ryan Gosling’s best style moments (I won’t lie, choosing a few was hard since Ryan is always dressed well!):


Ryan looks incredibly hot in this casual chic look. The loose striped tank paired with black pants & shoes is cute! Also, the adorable dog adds to the hotness quotient of this pic. A cute expression, a watch & sunglasses finish this look.


How stylish and classy does Ryan look here? The blue 3 piece tux is paired harmoniously with an adorable bow tie, black shoes and a white buttoned shirt. Ryan’s slick back hair and mysterious smoulder finish up this incredible look!


Ryan Gosling really knows how to dress while traveling. The black shirt paired with brown pants is very suave. Brown shoes, a watch, a pair of sunglasses & pushed back hair finish this cool look up! I love that he tucked in the front of his shirt.


This is an amazing fashion risk taken by Mr.Gosling. The brown checked suit looks phenomenal on Ryan. The white collared shirt and dark shoes with slicked back hair finish this look up. Ryan looks incredibly handsome in this whole ensemble!


Ryan’s casual look here is very chic and cool. His effortless style is shown through this amazing outfit. The white buttoned/collared shirt paired with chocolate coloured pants and shoes is great! The old school hair and a watch finish this look.

314859fbf43a0d837a2c41e4c8200ddbHere’s another fashion risk that has well paid off. It’s incredibly hard for any man to look bad in a 3 piece suit, let alone Ryan. The double buttoned jacket was a great choice. I love that he paired a grey suit up with a black tie & shoes. Ryan looks great!


Ryan looks handsome in this ensemble. The khaki coloured suit paired with a white collared shirt is stylish! I love that he left the shirt unbuttoned to give it a slight casual feel. Ryan’s studded black dress shoes pumps up the style factor of this whole ensemble!


Ryan Gosling really knows how to dress himself! The pin striped baby blue shirt paired with navy pants is gorgeous. Brown dress shoes finishes this casual look. Again, Ryan is seen donning stylish sunglasses and a wrist watch. As always, Ryan looks hot!


Ryan is rocking this ensemble so very well! Ryan looks incredibly classy & stylish in this black suit which he pairs perfectly with a black bow tie. Slicked back hair & black shoes finishes this look. Ryan makes this classic ensemble look incredibly awesome!

Happy Monday Dolls! x

(Images courtesy of,, Us weekly, People, Instyle)


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