Review: Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer in Colour Correcting Blend


I cannot stress how important it is to use a foundation primer before you apply any makeup to your skin! It creates a shield between your skin and your makeup and it allows for your makeup to last a lot longer than it would without it! I was never really into using a primer until I was at a Sephora getting my makeup done years ago. The makeup artist from Smashbox cosmetics explained to me the importance of a primer and recommended this particular one to me based on my skin’s needs. Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer is a revolutionary primer formula that helps fill in fine lines and even out discolouration for a seamless finish. Not only will it create a flawless canvas for your makeup application, it helps hydrate your skin as well! As the name says, Photo finish, the creators of this primer have kept that in mind while creating this product. It’s lightweight, oil free, and skin perfecting (can be worn alone or under your makeup). The formula contains a silky blend of antioxidants, vitamins A and E, and soothing botanicals (soy, lemongrass, orchid complex) to rejuvenate and refine your skin. This particular one is the “Blend” version, which is an apricot-toned primer that is used to even out your skin tone and counteract dark spots while concealing eye circles, veins and sunspots!

My Verdict?

I have been using this since I was a teenager and all I can say is that this is my most trusted, used and loved foundation primer (which has been repurchased a few times now)! Firstly, the formula and texture is insanely awesome! It’s silky, smooth and completely soft when applied on to your skin. It feels like you are putting a lightweight moisturizer on. It’s oil free, which is perfect for my combination oily skin. It’s not blotchy and it blends right on to my skin creating a perfect base/canvas. Secondly, after applying this primer, my face is flawless! I use the “Blend” version because I do have a few acne spots on my face that tend to bother me and I don’t really like caking on makeup to cover it. This primer conceals that perfectly and not just that but it also conceals under eye circles for me as well, which is a huge plus! Every claim the “blend” primer makes is true! Thirdly, this product makes my makeup last longer. My makeup doesn’t budge or move and it stays on perfectly well. Lastly, this product has never given me any sort of skin irritations at all, which is probably its biggest plus point. With a primer, you want to make sure that it works with your skin because it is a barrier between the harsh makeup ingredients and your actual skin. All in all, this is an incredible product, which not only photographs well but does incredible things for your skin. If you’re on the lookout for a new primer….this is it. At $49 (CDN), this is the best product I have ever purchased for my skin and I will continue to repurchase it because it really does everything it’s meant to do! You can purchase this at any Smashbox counters (I got mine at Sephora)!

Happy Shopping Dolls! x


  • Silky, smooth formula
  • Lightweight, oil-free, doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Conceals, covers and creates a clean slate for makeup application
  • Makeup doesn’t move, glides on perfectly, skin perfecting
  • Easy to use, feels like a moisturizer



Rating: 10/10 (This is one product I know I cannot live without because of it’s beneficial properties and incredible results!)

IMG_3380 IMG_3381


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