Review: MAC Cosmetics’ Lipstick in Angel


Ever wonder which lipstick is perfect to pair with an ultra glam smoky eye? Well I had been on the lookout for the answer to this very question before I stumbled upon this particular lipstick. Now if you’re a die-hard Keeping up with the Kardashians fan, then you probably have heard rumblings of this lipstick. It was touted as Kim Kardashian’s go-to lip colour for her smoky eyes! And of course, being a Kardashians fan myself, I had to go ahead and purchase this! MAC cosmetics’ lipstick in Angel has been raved about for years. It’s described as a soft pink with a frosted finish. Like all MAC lippies, this one has a vanilla fragrance to it.

My Verdict?


Best. Baby. Pink. Lipstick. Ever. Seriously, I’ve been using this for years and I always go back to this lipstick whenever I am unsure of what lip colour to wear (whether it be with a smoky eye or any heavy eye makeup for that matter). MAC lipsticks are my favourite because of the incredible formula they offer. This one’s formula is creamy and smooth. Which is perfect because it just glides onto your lips with ease. It doesn’t dry out my lips nor does it irritate my lips, which is a huge plus! The next thing I adore about this lipstick is the colour. It truly is an Angel-ic pink. It’s a cool toned baby pink with a hint of lavender to it. This colour looks fine on my skin tone, but I can see it being a little questionable for darker skin tones (always swatch lipsticks before buying them). Even though it says it’s a frost finish, to me it seems a lot creamier than other frost mac lipsticks. With that being said, the intensity of the colour is amazing! It’s opaque and you can definitely build the colour by layering. The finish has a definite shine to it as it is not anywhere near matte at all. The staying power is also pretty good. I did have to reapply at certain points, but that’s expected with most lipsticks. I love using this lip when I do a glitter eye or an intense smoky eye. I find that it really balances out the dramatic makeup really well. I also love the slight vanilla fragrance to it. At $19 (CDN), you really are getting a top quality product! Buy this if you are on the hunt for a pink lip you want to pair with an intense eye look! You can purchase this at any MAC cosmetics counter!

Happy Shopping Dolls! x 


  • Creamy, smooth, soft
  • Opaque buildable colour
  • Decent staying power
  • Pretty colour, creamy shiny finish
  • Doesn’t dry your lips out


  • Might be a bit too light for darker skin tones

Rating: 9/10 (This is my go to baby pink lip whenever I do heavy eye makeup or heavy contouring. One of the best baby pinks out there!)

IMG_3412IMG_3399 IMG_3392 IMG_3400

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