Review: Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream


Who loves a good hand cream? I know I do! I love trying out different hand creams all the time. Especially in the winter time, my hands get so dry so I always like to carry one in my purse. This one from Bliss was brought to my attention while I was at Sephora years ago. Bliss’ High Intensity Hand Cream is a non greasy, super hydrating hand softening cream. Its formula has supreme softening and surface smoothing properties that provides dry hands with moisture. The formula is made with antioxidants, macadamia nut oil and grape seed extract. According to its makers, this cream will leave your hands silky, grease free and smooth out any rough cuticles for your “fairest” shake (LOL how cute?).

My Verdict?

I LOVE this hand cream so much so that I’ve repurchased this probably 4-5 times now. First of all, every single claim Bliss makes about this product is true. The formula of this hand cream looks like any other formula but the effect it has on your hands are incredible. You don’t need a lot of product; a little goes a long way. Once you apply this product and rub your hands together, your hands literally feel soft as cotton (I kid you not). It’s not greasy nor does it leave a weird grease residue after (with a lot of other hand creams that’s the case, not with this). My hands felt instantly smoother. Second of all, my hands and cuticles feel so moisturized that I don’t even have to reapply as often. I love that my hands felt and looked hydrated. Lastly, I love the subtle scent of fresh lemon this hand cream has. It’s not overbearing, nor is it super strong. I’ve been using this for a while now and I literally cannot find anything wrong with it. With that being said, there is one minor downside to this product that could be an issue for some and that is the price. It’s $21 for 75mL and you can also buy the travel size, which is $10. Do I think spending the money is worth it? One thousand percent. This hand cream has changed the look and feel of my hands. I, honestly, cannot live without this product at all. You can purchase this at any Bliss retailers (I got mine at Sephora).

Happy Shopping Dolls! x


  • Keeps hands smooth, soft and supple for the day
  • No need to reapply as often
  • Smells great
  • Portable size, you can throw it in your purse


  • Price can be an issue for some

Rating: 10/10 (If I had to choose one hand cream to use for the rest of my life, then this definitely would be it!)

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