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Fashion Diaries: Best Dressed Fictional Characters on TV

Who doesn’t love to binge watch TV shows? I am insanely guilty of doing that. I find that once I get super addicted to a show, I have to know what will happen next. It’s not just the addictive plot twists that attract me to a show, it’s also the beauty and fashion aspects of it. Every once in a while, a fictional character becomes a fashion icon (thanks to their costume designers of course)! Like many, I have my favourites that I love and try to emulate more often than I really should (lol). Below you will find my best-dressed fictional characters on TV (in no particular order):

11077852_10153140949493503_5356081218069511038_oOlivia Pope (Portrayed by Kerry Washington)

Show: Scandal

Why: Olivia Pope has the best business casual ensembles I have ever seen in my life! Her wardrobe consists of fashion forward pieces mixed in with business attire and she always manages to look like perfection. Everything from her hair to her makeup is always on point and that is one of the main reasons why I find her to be one of the best-dressed fictional characters on TV.

Favourite Ensemble: This gorgeous cream and gold Grecian inspired strapless gown. This is one heck of an elegant dress for any formal event. It’s styled to perfection and I really want that clutch!

11102944_10153140967033503_4937464152540062662_oBrooke Davis (Portrayed by Sophia Bush)

Show: One Tree Hill

Why: This is one show that I’ve religiously watched since it has aired and 9 seasons later, I can safely say that Brooke Davis is one of the most relatable fashionistas to grace our TVs. As her character grows in the series, her fashion evolves. Her outfits are simple, stylish and re-creatable, which is one of the reasons why I secretly wish I had her closet growing up.

Favourite Ensemble: Her wedding dress. It’s so beautifully made. It’s elegant, classy and edgy (just like her character). Also, I love the headband veil.

11080329_10153140973163503_4154596860703661507_oCarrie Bradshaw (Portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker)

Show: Sex And The City

Why: This is pretty obvious but Carrie Bradshaw is a fashion icon. She has one of the best wardrobes ever! Everything from her designer dresses to her infamous Manolo Blahniks are pure perfection. This character alone has impacted the fashion world and redefined what fashion is on television. Carrie takes risks without giving a hoot about what anyone has to say and that to me is what personal style is all about!

Favourite Ensemble: It’s pretty hard to choose, since I love everything she wears (especially the poofy tutus). But I will say, that this pink dress is one outfit I want! I love how simple yet fashionable this whole ensemble is styled.

10974659_10153140960783503_7176797488467424879_oMindy Lahiri (Portrayed by Mindy Kaling)

Show: The Mindy Project

Why: Two reasons. One, every outfit she wear is probably something I own or want to own. Two, everything she wears, she wears with full confidence! Seriously, Mindy is one of the biggest fashionistas on TV right now. Anything she wears is very stylish and super fashion forward. The way everything is paired together is perfection and she is definitely someone every fashionista can relate to!

Favourite Ensemble: All of them but this whole green ensemble has to be one of my favourites. I love how everything is matchy but it doesn’t look tacky at all. I love how preppy and chic this whole green ensemble is.

11075184_10153141059288503_6323529398760037880_oBlair Waldorf (Portrayed by Leighton Meester)

Show: Gossip Girl

Why: I’m pretty sure one of the main reasons why I watched this show has to be because of Blair Waldorf and her fabulous style. Seriously, everything she has worn on this show…I want. From her accessories to her shoes, everything is very classy and elegant. She takes fashion risks but very subtly and it always looks incredibly put together. Also, thanks to Blair, the chunky hairband trend never died!

Favourite Ensemble: Again, I love majority of what she wears but this bright red frilly gown is one of my favourites. I love how this ensemble is styled. The pop of colour clutch and shoes are perfection.

Happy Friday Dolls! x

(Images courtesy of Pinterest)


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