Review: Urban Decay’s Naked Basics Palette


By now, I think everyone knows that Urban Decay has to be one of my favourite makeup brands (just search the tags on my blog and you’ll know why). So it’s only right that I give you another Urban Decay product review! This particular product I had purchased during my VIB Sephora Haul and I was excited to try this out because I had heard so much about it. I’m a huge sucker for eye shadow palettes so this was pretty intriguing to me. This is an all-matte eye shadow palette that features six neutral shadows that can be worn during the day and night. They aren’t all exclusive shades (you can purchase them on its own or in other palettes but there are 4 in there that are “never before seen”). The shadows are supposed to be versatile, wearable, neutral and have amazing pigmentation. According to Urban Decay, all six of these shadows have a new pigment infusion system, which gives every shade its velvety texture, rich colour, serious staying power and blendability.

The Colours


  1. Venus: Soft, off white demi matte (This is the only shade that’s a little bit more sheeny than the others, making this perfect for a highlight colour)
  2. Foxy: Light yellow cream (I use this as a highlight colour as well as on my inner corner of the eyelids) 
  3. Walk Of Shame: Light peach (I use this as a base for all over my lids)
  4. Naked 2: Milk chocolate-brown (I use this with WOS for a daytime eye look for work)
  5. Faint: Chocolate brown (I use this on my crease and outer corner of the lids, depending on the eye look)
  6. Crave: Jet Black brownish black (I use this as a liner, for a smoky eye and everything in between!)


My Verdict?

You know what? I feel like whenever I really like an eye shadow palette and I’m reviewing it for my blog, I always say it is “the best” and what not (and trust me, it is my honest opinion). But, after using this eye shadow palette for four months now…I can seriously say this has to be one of the best matte eye shadow palettes I have ever used. It really doesn’t compare to all my other favourites and I find I reach for this one the most! First of all, the quality of these eye shadows are impeccable. Which is completely understandable since it is made by Urban Decay. Their eye shadows have never disappointed me. The texture is great for a matte eye shadow. The formula isn’t drying and with a good eye shadow primer, this doesn’t move at all and there’s no fall out. Second of all, I love the colour range for this palette. It has everything from a light highlight shade to a dark black shadow (perfect for a smoky eye). I find myself using all the shades and no specific one has been left out. The colours are also really pigmented and because of its velvety texture the colours blend really well with one another. Thirdly, the packaging of this palette is great for travel and your makeup bag. It’s sleek, slim and very compact. It comes with a mirror, which is always a plus point for me with any eye shadow palette. Lastly, I love this palette mainly because it’s so versatile. It’s perfect for your workplace and it’s perfect for a night out. The shadows in this palette can be used to transition your day-to-night eye look (which is also another thing I look for in an eye palette). All in all, this seriously is one eye shadow palette I think everyone should own because the colours are neutral and perfect for any skin tone (perfect gift alert). Also, this is a great palette for someone who is just dabbling into the world of eye shadow. Everything about this palette is great! You can purchase this at any Urban Decay retailer. I got mine at Sephora for $34 (CDN).


  • Versatile, perfect for all skin tones
  • Highly pigmented colours
  • Blends well, rich velvety texture
  • All matte palette
  • Cute packaging, comes with a mirror


  • Nothing at all (trust me I tried to find something wrong with this)

Rating: 10/10 (I’m pretty sure if I could rate this higher I probably would. Everyone should own this neutral palette because it really is perfect!)

IMG_3886 IMG_3892

 Happy Shopping Dolls! x

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