What’s in my Purse? (Spring Edition)


Hello Dolls! Hope everyone is having a rocking Wednesday! Before I begin this post, I just wanted to thank everyone who’s been following, liking, commenting, sharing, etc.! I really appreciate it! If you aren’t already following me on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest; then please do! Now that spring is finally here and the weather is starting to get warmer, I wanted to do an updated “What’s in my purse?” post (you can read my last what’s in my purse post here). Generally, I don’t like carrying ginormous bags during this season because I’m walking around more and I don’t like to lag around a heavy purse filled with things I probably won’t need.

IMG_4956Rebecca Minkoff’s Mini MAC Crossbody in Lavender

I love everything about this purse. Even though it’s small and compact, it really fits everything I need with a little room to spare! I’m a huge fan of the MAC crossbodies. I find that this is an ideal purse for everyday use but you can also glam it up. The straps on this purse can convert to a shoulder purse, which is something I switch to during the evening time. Also, this converts into a clutch as well. This is probably one of the main reasons why I love this purse. On top of being stylish, it’s efficient and multipurpose! I went with lavender as the colour because it’s spring, it’s bright and it will go with almost everything!

What’s inside:


  1. Cell Phone (I obviously have everything from my planner to music on here)
  2. Hand Sanitizer (I’m too much of a germaphobe to not carry this with me)
  3. Car/House Keys (Obvious needs)
  4. Lip Balm (I’m currently finishing up my Rosebud Salve lip balm, which is one of my favs)
  5. Hand Cream (I love this one by Bliss, it smells summery and keeps my hands moisturized)
  6. ID/Card/change holder (Since the size of this purse is small, I’ve decided to carry only the cards/cash I need on a day-to-day basis. This one is a generic one I picked up from Forever 21)
  7. Tic Tacs (I love these!)
  8. Urban Decay’s De-Slick Mattifying powder (This powder is great for touch ups as well as it’s got a huge mirror)
  9. Cookies (You never know when you’ll get hungry!)
  10. Rollerball fragrance (Depending on what fragrance I’m wearing, I’ll throw in the corresponding rollerball or sample size perfume)
  11. Hair ties/bobby pins (I always put up my hair after a while so rather than wearing a hair tie around my wrist, I put one in my bag)

Have a Great Day Dolls! x

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