Life Diaries: International Fashion Encounter Show


Hey Dolls! If you’ve been following me on Twitter and Instagram, then you already know that last week I attended the Canadian edition of the International Fashion Encounter Show presented by the Toronto Fashion Academy. It was my first ever runway style fashion show I attended and I must say that I was completely impressed. The show itself showcased 9 different collections, which were definitely a visual treat to the eye. Along with showcasing clothes, this show also featured a jewelry showcase by one designer, which I was completely in love with. Below you will find my favourite ensembles from each of the showcased designers (I’ll link their corresponding stores/contact info). Also, shout out to Azmat’s Photography for providing me with pictures from this show for this post! If you want more, go like her Facebook page! Also, don’t forget to follow my Instagram account to see videos from this show. TFA did a phenomenal job putting this show together!


Who: Universidad IberoAmericana

Style: Modern, Elegant, Edgy Chic

Favourite Ensembles: I loved how modern and edgy this showcase was. Each of the pieces were extremely chic. I loved the dresses! They were so delicate and pretty. My favourite ensemble from this showcase had to be the long-sleeved body hugging white gown. The asymmetrical laser cut lace at the bottom is gorgeous!

11062752_10153243880203503_743118473915941682_o 11206645_10153243896503503_9028860737900899028_o

Who: Mohite Designs by Mohit Sachdeva

Style: Elegant, Classy, Pretty

Favourite Ensembles: As you can see, this was probably one of my favourite showcases of the whole show. I loved every single piece he put out on the runway. Everything from the dresses to the lehengas were pure perfection! If I had to pick an absolute favourite, then it has to be the red dress, it’s so stunning!


Who: Payal Singhal

Style: Romantic, Angelic, Pretty Pastels

Favourite Ensembles: I’m a huge Payal Singhal fan. I’ve seen some of her designs on Sonam Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor, which were amazing. So it was definitely a treat to watch her showcase up-close and personal. I loved the colour selection for this collection, but my favourite outfit has to be the pastel pink sheer top and the printed pleated pants.


Who: Rajdeep Ranawat

Style: Floral, Pretty Prints, Ethereal

Favourite Ensembles: This was a really fun showcase to watch. The colours and the cuts complimented each other so well that choosing one was really hard. But I definitely loved the sarees he showcased (I really want one!). I also loved the pastel green outfit. The work on it was so exquisite!


Who: Jaya Misra

Style: Indian, Elegant, Pretty

Favourite Ensembles: This was a gorgeous showcase. The outfits were mainly Indian wear and everyone knows that I’m obsessed with it. Each and every piece from this collection was beautiful. Just like Mohit’s collection, I can’t pick one as my favourite. I loved everything about this collection.


Who: White by Dinaaz

Style: Angelic, Elegant, Retro Chic

Favourite Ensembles: This was a very surprising collection for me. The showcase started off with retro looks and then very smoothly blended into modern Indian wear. I loved the puffed polka-dotted sleeved top, it’s definitely something I would wear. But my favourite has to be the black and nude lace bottom saree. Bottom line, it’s perfect.


Who: Kshitij Choudhary

Style: Boho chic, Pretty, Elegant

Favourite Ensembles: First of all, this showcase had great music. But mainly, this whole collection was very pretty. The printed skirts are something everyone needs to add to their wardrobe this spring/summer season. Also, his Indian wear is definitely on point. My favourite has to be the turquoise and gold outfit, which I just might add to my own closet!


Who: Daniel Syiem’s Ethnic Fashion House

Style: Classy, Tribal, Ethereal

Favourite Ensembles: Despite the collection being simple, it was elegant, which is something I can definitely connect with. The colour scheme was all different shades of cream and white, which is a delight to the eye. My favourite ensemble from this collection has to be the draped one shouldered mini dress! I also love those perfectly hemmed shorts.


Who: Abril Cervera

Style: Vintage 40s, Vibrant, Stylish

Favourite Ensembles: The hair and makeup for this particular showcase was amazing! The braided bun is something I love to wear whenever I can. The collection as a whole was very stylish. The colour scheme was black, white and red. Some of the dresses in this collection were super gorgeous. My favourite one has to be the black flowy gown with the cutouts. It’s so pretty!

Be on the look out this week for more blog posts about this show and my experience! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr.

Have an awesome day dolls! x

3 thoughts on “Life Diaries: International Fashion Encounter Show

  1. On behalf of Daniel Syiem’s Ethnic Fashion House we thank you for the write up…its a real morale booster. We hope to touch greater heights and fulfill our commitment of fashion with a cause—reviving and revamping handwoven textiles.

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