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Style Diaries: 7 Ways To Jazz Up Your Maxi Dress


This summer has been the summer of maxi dresses for me. They’re comfortable, stylish and very easy to dress up or dress down. Depending on the print, the style and the cut, I find that maxi dresses can be worn pretty much anywhere and everywhere. It all really comes down to how you style it. Here are 7 ways I like to jazz up my outfit when I wear maxi dresses.

Pair A Blazer With Your Maxi!


This is my favourite way to wear a maxi dress to a business casual event or “Dress Down Fridays” at work. Throwing a blazer on top of your maxi elevates the style quotient and makes any casual maxi dress look more “dressed up” and elegant. Depending on the event, you can do an office blazer for work or a super sequins blazer for a night out.

Add A Jacket Or A Vest!


Want to make your maxi dress look more edgy? Why not throw on a leather jacket or a moto-inspired vest? I find that this is the perfect way to look super stylish and grungy without trying that hard. I love pairing the girliest/most delicate maxi dresses with leather jackets or vests to make it more rocker chic!

Layer On A Jean Jacket Or A Chambray Shirt!


I love pairing a jean jacket or a chambray shirt with pretty much anything because it really makes your outfit look easy, breezy & casual. This is probably the most effortless chic way to wear a maxi dress when you’re out. You can roll up the sleeves or roll them down, the decision is all yours! I find that I wear this during the day more than a night out.

Wear A Cardigan!


Want to add a pop of colour to your simple maxi dress? Throw a bright cardi on top! The best thing about this particular style is that the possibilities are endless. There are so many different kinds of styles, prints, cuts, and colours that you really cannot go wrong at all! Also, this style allows you to wear your maxi dress well into the Fall and early on in Spring.

Make Your Maxi A Statement!


Want to wear your maxi dress at an evening event, but are unsure of how to make it look evening appropriate? Fear not, add a chunky bejeweled statement necklace and you’ll be good to go! Like wearing a cardigan, the possibilities with necklaces are endless. You can mix, match and layer depending on the event and mood!

Scarf Your Maxi!


Scarves are the perfect way to make a simple maxi dress look more stylish when you are out during the day. It really adds to the style quotient of your outfit making the whole outfit look pretty. Also, this is the perfect way to rock the “I-really-didn’t-try-hard-yet-this-looks-like-it-should-be-on-pinterest” look.



The right shoes, hair and accessories are all you need to make the most plainest maxi dress look elegantly stylish. Why not try a bold lip/makeup to accentuate your look? How about going with curls instead of straight hair? The possibilities are endless. You can wear sandals with your maxi during the day and heels or wedges during the evening (you get two different looks from one outfit). Also, don’t forget to add the chunky bracelets and statement rings (remember tip #5?).

Hope you enjoyed reading these style tips from me! Remember, you can mix and match these tips or create your own. The whole point is to add your unique twist to your look and wear it with confidence! Have fun jazzing up your maxi dresses! Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Tumblr!

Happy Sunday Dolls! x


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