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Fashion Diaries: 10 times Beyoncé Slayed her Style Game

First of all, anyone who knows me, knows that I’m completely obsessed with Beyoncé (not as obsessed as Kanye though). She has killed the game since day one and I’m not surprised at all. This multi-talented superstar not only excels in everything she does, but her style game is something everyone adores. Whether she’s rocking something simple or something crazy, she always kills it no matter what. It’s obvious that she loves to have fun with fashion and loves taking risks (which always pays off). I find that everything from her hair to her accessories is always on point. I’m one of those fans, who literally waits for her latest Instagram post, so that I can emulate her style! Below you will find 10 of my favourite Beyoncé looks:

460785438_beyonceLet us appreciate how Beyoncé rocks menswear in the most girliest way possible!

gallery-1441139403-ht-beyonce-150901How can you rock the Bohemian chic look in the simplest way possible? The answer is this picture right here.

c723e9bea89526e4fabcf62b0c3044efThank you B for showing us how to look extremely stylish in a work environment!

728979c3a4dbc611074578afe953a091Queen B’s hair game is on fleek. How stylish is this incredibly gorgeous look? Slayy!

6b2fd080b9769cff0b65856fd905f5faOversized accessories+White tank+Distressed Jeans+killer shoes= Perfection.

bcd3ac14bb16b95b38274be1c701cc84Fitted body hugging dresses aren’t a problem for Bey. She’s killing this blush toned look!

1cd0db3d18443ba467ae5909b6866bcaAnyone trying to rock printed cropped pants take notes from Beyoncé. Also, those heels are amazing!

db64d6020df3ab6b5d0ca4be4d02dd78Beyoncé’s look here makes me want to hit the gym everyday, so I can rock a crop top like this too!

6c71c5562d4c2cbc569263a556a317a2This jumpsuit is so fiercely perfect that I can’t even formulate words. Also, can I have her hair please?

gallery-1431706757-gty-beyonce-150515Bright colours? No problem, look at how Beyoncé is rocking this whole look of bright & bold colours.

Have A Great Day Dolls! x

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(Images Courtesy of Pinterest, Popsugar, Instyle)


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