Fashion Diaries: 10 Times Chrissy Teigen Slayed Her Style Game

Chrissy Teigen has been one of my favourite fashionistas to follow in the past couple of years. Not only does she push all types of fashion & style boundaries, she does them in her own unique way. You can see her rocking everything from a plain tee to a runway couture gown…& boy, does she rock everything she wears with pizzazz! This gorgeous model kills it no matter what she wears. One of my favourite arm candy of hers has to be her equally hot husband, John Legend (can I have a clone?). Below you will find 10 of my favourite looks Chrissy has rocked:

05ee366b3c31915018d2fbd65b4d4c81Love the sassy, classy & fierceness wrapped up in this gorgeous neutral look.

0ac6ca1d8ac3aa2c047e901f9f45eb2fCan we appreciate how stylish this super simple outfit looks?

d62394bfdf678030a97ecf234ea18befEverything about this whole ensemble screams glamified queen!

13bab395f07e663909471cfa69a8d7efGirl is rocking this gorgeous royal blue outfit so well that you can almost see her invisible crown!

994ac46589c5680d08ce4a339572d74fEven Daisy Duke is jealous of this rocker chic ensemble…also, can we talk about those epic shoes? LOVE.

6044ef010c57ebe8df6d00db5d3dd2f6This is what you call “I-didn’t-even-try-but-I’m-a-fashionista” look. *Insert emoji with heart eyes here*

38a071cf662054f5aaa18ce1eb1102cdPrinted pants are not a problem for Chrissy. This is exactly how you need to wear them.

776b73a64a17eb4058842be468922e80I can’t even begin with how gorgeous this whole outfit is. If I could rock this on a daily basis, I totally would.

9e374d94ceeb861a2d75c34c987a8f23Going casual? No problem. Take notes from Chrissy here because she nailed it!

f914f9af7b5c3db128ae196d3ad3c6caThis is an outfit every glam doll needs to own.

Have a great day dolls!

Also, I’m so sorry (Justin Beiber agrees) for being epicly MIA with the blog. Life happened. But follow me on my various social media accounts to see what I’m up to on the daily (I’m actually telling you to stalk me…imagine that!).


(Images courtesy of Instyle, People, DailyMail & WWD)

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