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Fashion Diaries: 10 times Priyanka Chopra Slayed Her Style Game

This Bollywood turned North American TV actress has been killing her style game ever since she stepped foot into the glamour world of acting. Lately, Priyanka Chopra has elevated her style game even more now that she’s in Hollywood. I love that she takes risks yet stays true to her own personal unique style. She can practically rock any outfit effortlessly with confidence. How do I know this? I’ve met her. Ha. (Okay that’s my one second show off moment, which I shall stop). But seriously, this girl brings it no matter what she’s doing and no matter where she is. I love that her hair and makeup are also always on point! Here are 10 of my favourite looks PC has rocked:

032e2e9537ecd9d82d18e168d6d9c734This is how you rock a metallic shoe. Pair it with a sultry dress!

72961cee02fc339f751e169b63e0949bWant to know how to make a plain white dress stylish? Let PC help you out (that clutch though).

70f71790051179060c9644d9df083a74I’m pretty sure if I looked like this or owned this lehenga, I’d wear it 24/7. No lie.

1f70db5d7bd97b937a28f41dcf496f80Dear Priyanka, how do you always look so effortless chic?

1ef4ab991e2f50d0fc88519c6a05e42bOh. My. PC. * insert heart eyed emoji *

6228d24846a4a34ed0a1c74db04cb096This whole outfit is goals.

e73267fdb666d7f912d62c3b77113f0dCamo pants and Graphic T never looked so good * goes to own closet to find *

fd7ec351034a590b1c785f23bc0b9d09All I have to say is traditional sarees are REALLY hard to pull off…but she makes it look easy.

f8642fa7d96d195ad692b2749b5a1ce1I’m basically going to wear this outfit every time I go out. Why? Cuz PC did.

d69f36e2531889030b86515c676ee564Those shoes though!!!! #edgychic

Have a great day dolls!


(Images courtesy of Instyle, People, pinterest)


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