Fashion Diaries: 9 times Kendall Jenner Slayed Her Style Game

Kendall Jenner is literally one of my favourite KarJenners out of them all. First of all, have you seen her outfits on the daily? Girl knows how to rock everything from a simple white tee to an extravagant gown. She can make the girl-next-door look so chic without even trying hard. Second of all, I love that she is busy doing her OWN thing. She isn’t relying on the bajillion dollar empire her mom built, but rather she is carving her own path in the modeling world and I for one am enjoying watching this journey unfold! Below you will find some of my favourite looks Kendall has rocked! Enjoy dolls! & make sure to follow me on all my socials (located on the right hand side of this blog). Also, I wouldn’t mind if you hit me with a “Follow” either…. x

dda198ec1e1f1d5e7ca4d4c8f31208a6Only K can make something so neutral and plain look so stylish.

9ef27048dcac85f501e1df1012d631f5This shade of blue is stunning on Kendall.

cc49766905fdeb1c79f331f9b7a3d502Comfy chic never looked so fashionable, thanks to Kendall!

6e8f938546874adbff781a1299c58457 The colour palette of this whole ensemble is so pretty!

b853bdc4de06ba142f88b855b176b0b6 I want those shoes and I want this outfit in every single colour. That is all.

e7c26dfb73b22c472e4348c4227ea52eWant to know what not-trying-to-be-a-fashionista looks like? (hint: this)

 3e23e9896b23fbacec8601fe213ae953Relatable. Check. Pretty. Check. This is how you rock the casual wear like a BAWS.

18dc4928414ea50485cb79bd9469b648 …I’m so recreating this. That is all. #gorg

99cd58589e5fb340a2c4036fcd197d94 I love the simplicity of how stylish this whole outfit is. Also, the sneakers are making a comeback. I love it.


(Pics courtesy of Pinterest, Instyle, People, UsWeekly)




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