Life Diaries: 25 Tips For Surviving Any South Asian Wedding Event


Have you ever been dragged to a South Asian wedding before? Don’t lie, you know you have at least once…and if you’ve got luck like me, then it’s been way more than a handful of times. Don’t get me wrong…I love weddings (you know being a hopeless romantic and all) but I find that South Asian weddings tend to get a little bit overwhelming with all the pre-events leading up to the wedding itself. So here are a few tips from yours truly on how to survive any South Asian wedding week (Also, you can see what I do at a South Asian wedding event in THIS VLOG)!

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  1. Wear comfy shoes (you don’t want to have to wait in the buffet line with aching feet).
  2. Appetizers are the key to surviving a LOOOONG wedding event, so make sure you indulge because who knows when dinner will be served (I’ve been to a wedding where it was served at 11 pm…).
  3. If there’s a seating chart, then you will be seated with at least one person who has rubbed you the wrong way. My advice? Make your cell phone your bff (also, it doesn’t hurt to keep one of your squad members in the loop so that you can vent your feelings out).
  4. If there isn’t a seating chart, then you will have to find a table that will accept you (this is the best case scenario for extroverts…introverts will probably hate this part).
  5. Your Cellphone is your ultimate saviour (caution: you don’t want to be staring at your phone intensely as that might cause the elderly to judge you).
  6. Snapchat all the aunties/uncles* on the dance floor (You know this is hilarious to watch the morning after).
  7. It’s an open bar? You, my friend, have hit the jackpot.
  8. Stuck sitting with all the Aunties*? Just smile and nod at everything they say. DON’T, by any means, GET INTO A CONVO ABOUT LIFE because…
  9. …they will ask you about your love life and why you are still not married (I mean if Jay Z can cheat on BEYONCE, I’m def going to take ALL the time to pick out a proper hubs).
  10. Get on to the dance floor ONLY and ONLY when the lights have turned off and the videographer has left (like why do you want that in your wedding video?)
  11. You will most probably meet 101 new “relatives” in the course of the whole multi-day wedding fiesta (smiling is the key to survival at any of these situations).
  12. Cute boy? Casually mention how you’re active on social media…or how you blog 😉 (You know I HAD to put this in there).
  13. Stay clear of every aunty* with a camera on their phones or DSLR cameras. If you don’t, then you will become the unofficial photographer for the aunties* (I mean watching them line up and pose is really funny but I’d rather be eating butter chicken).
  14. Don’t interrupt an aunty* photo-shoot session. BAD.IDEA.
  15. Indulge in ALL the butter chicken/Gulab Jamuns/Roshogollas. ALL. OF. IT.(diet shmiet)
  16. Try to look interested and happy when people are giving speeches, especially in a language you don’t know (I mean I know enough Bengali to get by but…sometimes I just don’t understand what is happening).
  17. Make sure you know where all the close outlets are…in case your phone dies…& make sure there’s WiFi or find a server who will give you the password (your phone is nothing without internet and data isn’t cheap…) 
  18. Take advantage of the AMAZING lighting and take ALL the selfies in your phone can store (Hello, everything is for the perfect Instagram/Profile pic).
  19. Bolt to the food lineup when you think your table is being called…or you can always butt in, I mean what uncle/aunty* would openly yell at a “child” at a wedding right?
  20. Make new friends. I suck at this but I try to at least talk to ONE person I have never met.
  21. If you’re part of the bridal party or the groom’s side, accept the fact that you have to adhere to wearing outfits that follow colour scheme (…but I DON’T LOOK GOOD IN OLIVE GREEN GOODNESS).
  22. If you’re performing, pray to god it’s an open bar…okay no but have a lot of sugar…you need energy (I’ve been there and it was the MOST nerve-racking thing ever).
  23. There will always be drama, just put your shades on and let your inner Anne Hathaway out. Ignore the naysayers.
  24. Learn to compliment all the aunties/uncles*, after all you want to be the star kid…(oh no you know my secret now…)
  25. All in all, have fun no matter what. You’re AT a wedding. Someone has invited YOU to be a part of their special day…so let loose for ONE night! Think about it, you might not even see half the people you meet again…(See, positivity wins)!

 *: Every family friend in the South Asian community is your aunt or uncle. 

Hope you dolls enjoyed this one! x



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