Style Diaries: Recreate Jennifer Lopez’s Everyday Look!

Hi Dolls!

Hope you’re having an awesome day today and if you’re not remember to twirl around your room (or wherever you are reading this). Believe me, your day will get better after that! Okay, on to why you’re actually reading this…last week I wrote about how Jennifer Lopez slayed her style game (you can read that by clicking here) and this week I want to show you how I recreated one of her looks from that blog post!

So here’s JLo in her outfit:


Here I am recreating it:


The outfit:


  1. The basic black & white striped vintage ¾ sleeved shirt is from Old Navy.
  2. I’m wearing Old Navy’s The Rockstar skinny jeans.
  3. These sandals are from H&M and unlike JLo’s, they’re flat (her’s are stilettos).
  4. My sunglasses are from Ardene & I think they were like $2 (what a steal right?)
  5. I decided to add some jewelry to the mix (Tiffany & Co.’s Return to Tiffany’s Bracelet, Lace print silver bracelet from Suzy Shier, & a bedazzled heart ring from Forever 21)
  6. I didn’t take a pic of my purse…but THIS is the one I carried on that day!

This was probably the easiest outfit to recreate because it’s a classic look that anyone from a Hollywood Starlet to a regular blogger can rock (lol)! Always, make sure to add you’re unique twist to each look you recreate! Hope you enjoyed this one and see you in the next post! x

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